Deoband Community Wikimedia/Events/General Meetup March 2023

The March 2023 General Meetup was an in-person general meetup of the DCW volunteers, that took place on 20 March 2023, in New Delhi. The meetup was part of the DCW's six-monthly strategic-proposal for February-July 2023. It happened at the DCW's office in New Delhi.

Discussions edit

  • Converting the regular monthly "in-person" meetups to online meetings.
  • The future of Deoband Yoruba Collaborative Project: we are looking forward to running a hundred-article drive this time, right after getting free from the WikiConference India 2023
  • Reaching more subjective academicians. How? It was suggested to focus on DCW Conversation Hour.
  • Going through the strategic learnings of DCW's strategic research.
  • Arranging a 24-hour long small Wiki-editing campaign on monthly basis.

Follow up edit

The discussions from this meeting would be analysed for DCW's strategic research, and a relevant recommendations would be made in the blog about March 2023 learnings.

Participants edit