This is both a memorial and listing of Wikimedia editors who have passed away. Naturally, this list is largely incomplete, and any additions are very welcome and appreciated. If you are aware of an undocumented deceased editor, please add them to the list, along with a short biography if possible. Accounts whose owners are known to be deceased should be globally locked.

The purpose of this list is to provide a reminder of those who have passed on and to remember the contributions these editors made to the success of Wikipedia. Please do not add people to this list who were never an integral part of the community. People in this list should have made at least several hundred edits or be known for substantial contributions to certain articles. Do not add people unless you have confirmed information that they are deceased.

Photo Name Obituary Project contributions References
Karen Vardanyan Karen Vardanyan, an expert at the Union of Informed Citizens NGO, blogger and civil activist, was murdered, according to the Armenian Police[1]. ruwiki, hywiki
Aaron Swartz enwiki
Adrianne Wadewitz enwiki
Advance (Ad) Advance (Ad) died on April 20, 2013. He was a former admin on nlwiki and was active since 2003. Advance, a Dutch teacher of English, was a very respected editor. He was 65 years old. commonswikienwikimetawikinlwiki
Andrej Šalov Andrej Šalov (photo) passed away on 11 November 2009. See for his memoriam page: w:hr:User:Andrej Šalov/Memoriam. hrwiki
AntonSkorobogatov ruwiki
Arístides Herrera Cuntti commonswikieswikibookseswikieswikiquoteeswikisourcesourceswiki
ArnaudH Arnaud Hesselink died on December 25, 2010. He was 38 years old. He was active from September 1, 2006 until November 30, 2010 (mainly on the Dutch Wikipedia). dewikifrwikiliwikimetawikinlwiki [2][3]
Avitek Antonín Vítek (User:Avitek) died on February 28th, 2012, a month after his 72nd birthday.[4] Well known scientist an propagator of cosmonautics, author of the biggest database of artificial objects in space, has been long time highly active editor of Czech Wikipedia, where among many other articles from his area he also submitted and maintained exhaustive List of minor planets. The minor planet 30253 Vítek has been named after him. cswiki
Avtandil Abduladze (ავთანდილ) Avtandil Abuladze (1958-2005) was a Georgian mathematician, linguist and very early contributor to Georgian and Esperanto Wikipedias (since February, 2002). He produced an online "Monda FaktoLibro"[5] ("world facts book" with many files about all countries and many ethnic groups in the world) that he entirely copied to Esperanto Wikipedia and so had been one of the first significant contributions to it as it started in 2002. Georgian Wikipedia made a memorial to him at w:ka:მომხმარებელი:ავთანდილ. eowikikawikikawiktionary
Babug (G. Balachandran -- Malayalam) Malayalam Wikipedia editor. Eulogy by fellow Malayalam Wikipedian Viswa Prabha follows:

One of our stalwarts at ml Wikimedia community, Babug expired yesterday night.

Despite having paralyzed due to a severe stroke and severely affected by several subsequent health problems, he was guided to Wikipedia by his son, Dr. Ajay, another prominent Malayalam Wikipedian, as a possible remedy to escape perpetual loneliness.

His real world name was G. Balachandran. He was born on 14th October 1938 in a small village off North Parur, Ernakulam District, Kerala, the southwesternmost state of India. He joined the Armed Forces Engineering College and then continued to serve the Indian Armed forces for long many years.

He started contributing to Wikimedia, particularly to Malayalam Wikipedia, in the year 2008.

His initial contributions to Malayalam Wikipedia were based upon a pulp-converted digital Encyclopedia, released by the Government through GFDL licence then. He continued to create even more full-featured articles on his own, later. By 2014 October 18 - the day he edited last in Wikipedia- he had 1935 full-blown articles initiated and expanded by himself in Besides, he also contributed more than 350 images to Wikimedia commons and a handsome amount of contributions to Wikisource, Wikidata and Wiktionary.

He always attributed his renewed energy and life's aspirations to the Wikimedia mission, for having returned to a meaningful life after a 20-year long and frustrating solitude while constrained to an immobile chair. Ever since 2008, he stood up and started walking and moving around. His was an extreme example for us in Malayalam WP to showcase how Wikipedia can change lives.

In almost all our Wikipedia Outreach sessions, we utilized this great example to motivate and excite the newcomers to WP.

Tory Read mentioned about BabuG thus, in a review on the state of Indian Wikimedia Communities, in 2011:

G. Balachandran, a septuagenarian who lives outside of Ernakulum in Kerala state, said that working on Malayalam Wikipedia helped him recover after a stroke left him paralyzed. “He’s much sharper now,” said his wife Jagadamma K. “He’s made a lot of new friends, and that’s been good for his health.”

For us in Malayalam Wikipedia, today is a black day, for having lost a great beacon on our voyage to ultimate openness and freedom in knowledge and wisdom.

Yet, we feel, BabuG has made his life stamped immortal for ever and has shown us the pathway we should follow in continuing our humble contributions to the ultimate cause of mankind.

ViswaPrabha (On behalf of Malayalam Wikimedia Community)

Bader (Baderimre) commonswikidewikienwikifrwikihuwikiptwiki
Branislav Jovanović (BraneJ) Branislav (Brane) Jovanović (User:BraneJ), a dedicated Wikimedian and a thoughtful board member at Wikimedia Serbia, died from cancer on 11 December 2015. Jovanović served as vice-president of Wikimedia Serbia for two years and was a leader within the Serbian Wikipedia community. See also his memoriam page: User talk:BraneJ commonswikimetawikiwikidatabswikienwikihrwikisrwikisrwikinewssrwikisourcecentralauth
Caroline Thompson Caroline Thompson Caroline Thompson, a Wikipedian who primarily edited articles relating to quantum mechanics, died on February 8, 2006, according to her family.[6] The cause of her death was cancer. Thompson, who had written papers on the subject while a student at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, had edited sporadically in the months leading up to her death, last editing on January 10, 2006.[7] She also maintained a website on her theories regarding physics. enwiki
Cynthia Ashley-Nelson Cynthia Ashley-Nelson (User:Cindamuse) passed away on 11 April 2014 during the Wikimedia Conference 2014. See also Wikimedia Conference 2014/Cynthia - you can share your condolences and memories on w:en:User talk:Cindamuse. commonswikienwikimetawikicentralauth
Coyau Jérémie K (user:Coyau) passed away on 4 December 2016 at age 38. wikidatacommonswikifrwikifrwikisource
Dalf Scott Laws died of colon cancer on September 14, 2007. He had been a long-term Wikipedian, editing since April 2005 and accumulating over 3,000 edits as well as 23 contributions to five other Wikimedia projects. Among the articles he edited were Imperial Japanese Navy, Horcrux, and Nuclear power. Laws was an alumnus of Hickman High School and Missouri University and worked for Microsoft's Hotmail in Silicon Valley, Calif, until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. He was 30 years old. commonswikienwikibooksenwikimetawikirowiki [8][9]
David Shear David Shear (David Shear) received a B.A. from Swarthmore College in 1959 with majors in math and biology and a Ph.D. in biophysics from Brandeis University in 1966. He worked in the biochemistry department at the University of Missouri, Columbia, and at the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin (where his son and wife are also faculty members.) In 1972 he published a science fiction novel, Cloning. He joined Wikipedia in September 2005 and focused on articles related to mathematics and thermodynamics. David passed away on April 21, 2007. enwiki [10]
Diamant Diamant (aged 13) died on 16 November 2013 in his sleep unexpectedly in a hospital in Belgium. He was at age eight one of the youngest Wikipedians when he joined the Dutch Wikipedia on 10 January 2009. He was a very active vandalism fighter on nlwiki and always maturely handled his disease, scoliosis. Condolences can be left at w:nl:Overleg gebruiker:Diamant. He will be remembered as an active vandalism fighter and someone who has always been very joyful, even while he was recuperating from surgery. nlwiki
Dickkuil Dick Kuil died on December 22, 2011. He edited from February 10, 2011 until the day he died. He was a specialist of the knowledge of the Dutch province Groningen. He was 63 years old. nlwiki
DIMSFIKAS Dimitris Sfikas (Greek: Δημήτρης Σφήκας), a Wikipedian who edited in the Greek Wikipedia under the username DIMSFIKAS since October 2009. He was born in Athens on 29 April 1939 and died suddenly on 3 October 2011 because of pneumonia at Manchester. He studied political science, law and public administration at Athens, Manchester and London and spoke fluently English and French. During the 2 years of his contribution to the Greek Wikipedia he mainly created and edited articles about painting and architecture. In his user page in Greek Wikipedia you can find a short biographical memorial (in Greek). elwiki
Emil Petkov (Espetkov) Emil Petkov (Емил Петков) was one of the first editors of the Bulgarian Wikipedia. According to his family and friends, he died on May 20, 2007. The cause of death is still unknown. He was residing in the Netherlands and working as a Software Engineer and a researcher. His last editing of Wikipedia is from May 16, 2007. He left behind a wife and a daughter. He also left the Bulgarian Wikipedia community in shock and disbelief with his sudden, untimely death.

Emil made many contributions to the Bulgarian Wikipedia in many different areas for the past 3.5 years. He was always ready to help and give advice. He was known for his sense of humor, for his perfectionism and hard work, and for his desire to keep the purity of the w:en:Bulgarian language intact.

Fg2 Frank Gualtieri was an editor on the English Wikipedia (as "Fg2"), the Wikimedia Commons (as "Fg2"), and the Japanese Wikipedia (as 二八). He died on August 23, 2009 in Japan. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. [1] His memorial in the English Wikipedia is located here: w:en:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2009-10-12/Memorial and Collaboration - His memorial in the Japanese Wikipedia is located here: w:ja:利用者:二八/Obituary
Franamax Franamax passed away on 30 November 2012. From Canada, he became a Wikipedian on 26 August 2007 and served as an administrator and edit filter manager.
GerardusS GerardusS died on 30 December 2011, a month after his wife Katja passed away. He was active from April 7, 2007 until 29 December 2011 (mainly on the Dutch Wikipedia). enwikinlwiki
Geos Geos died on January 22, 2011. He was active from March 10, 2004 until December 5, 2010 (mainly on the German Wikipedia). Condolences can be left on w:de:Benutzer:Geos/Kondolenzliste. dewikienwiki
Giorgi Shashviashvili Giorgi Shashviashvili (ITshnik) was a Georgian IT specialist who was an active contributor to the Georgian Wikipedia and other projects. He also served as an administrator in the Georgian chapter of Wikipedia from 2011 to 2013. He died in December 2015. A memorial was made to him at his user page. kawiki
Henk Obee Henk Obee passed away on 21 November 2013 at the age of 64. He was active on the Dutch Wikipedia from 29 February 2008 until 17 November 2013. commonswikinlwiki
Ihor Kostenko (Ig2000) Ihor Kostenko (December 31 1991 -- February 20, 2014) was killed during the Euromaidan protests in Kiev. He had written nearly 300 articles on the Ukrainian Wikipedia under the name Ig2000, and was involved in promoting Ukrainian Wikipedia on social media. In honor of Kostenko and the others who died during Euromaidan, a black ribbon was temporarily added to the Wikiglobe emblem on Ukrainian Wikipedia. ukwiki
JacobavanBeieren nlwiki
JGHowes James Guerdon Howes (November 14, 1945 – September 14, 2021) was an American businessman in the aviation and communications fields. He was an administrator on the English Wikipedia for about 13 years. During his time on the English Wikipedia, he authored 68 articles. enwikicommonswiki
Johan Lont Johan Cornelis Lont died of cancer on September 6, 2010. He was 51 years old. He was active from March 12, 2004 til December 15, 2009 (mainly on the Dutch Wikipedia). commonswikidewikienwikienwiktionaryfrwikiitwikimediawikiwikimetawikinlwikinlwikibooksnlwikimedianlwikiquoteplwikiscnwikitrwikiSUL [11][12]
John Campo Johan de Velde (alias of John Campo) passed away on 15 May 2013. He was active on the Dutch Wikipedia and outside from 2010 until 2013. nlwiki
Pi zero (John N Shutt) Pi zero died on Feb 24, 2021, just a week before his 57th birthday. His family informed he passed away after a series of heart attacks or blood clotting. He was active on English Wikinews and on English Wikibooks for over a decade, making almost 240k edits. He was a 'crat on enwn, and was a sysop on enwb. Other than wiki, he was an avid book reader, enjoyed SFF (science-fiction & fantasy), Futurama, xkcd and he was very interested in conlangs and history. He had a PhD in Computer Science. His favourite programming language was Lisp, and used Emacs. Pi zero lived with asperger's syndrome. He was good with words, and was a humble perfectionist. His obituary enwikinews enwbooks
Jsanchezes commonswikienwikieswikimetawiki
Hume Smith (Kwantus) Hume Cottnam Llewellyn Smith (username Kwantus) died suddenly July 21, 2005, at age 38 in the New Halifax Infirmary, QEII, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Born December 18, 1966[13] in Lunenburg, he attended Chester Elementary schools and was a graduate of Parkview Education Centre, Bridgewater. Hume held an honours degree in science and was the recipient of the Gold Medal for the highest academic standing in sciences and the Silver Medal for the second highest academic standing in his graduating class at Acadia University, Wolfville. He was a computer programmer and a member and assistant organist at Chester United Baptist Church and died of a massive heart attack within hours of completing a restoration project on his church's carillon, which he had worked on for over a decade. He had over 2000 edits to the English Wikipedia and created such articles as Conway chained arrow and Single bullet theory. Hume is survived by his mother, Gail Ida Hume Smith, and maternal grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Hume, Chester. He is buried in Pinehill Cemetery, Chester, Nova Scotia. enwiki [14]
Laura Minguell eswikieswikiquote
Mexicano Mexicano died on May 4, 2013. He was one of the most active editors of the Dutch Wikipedia and editted from early 2006 until 27 April 2013. nlwiki
Mirwin Participant from 2002 till 2008. He died from a heart attack in February 2008. He was an editor at Wikipedia, Wikiversity and participated, often anonymously, to meta (e.g. [2]). [3] enwikienwikiversitymetawiki
MOstrows commonswikiplwikibooksplwiki
Gérald Anfossi (Nataraja) Gérald Anfossi, username Nataraja, died of cancer on March 17, 2006. Gérald was an administrator and one of the most active editors on the French Wikipedia, where he contributed to numerous articles on South Asia. He also contributed many of his personal images to commons (such as Image:Sanchi2.jpg, which is featured on the History of India page, among others) and coordinated interwiki work between the en: and fr: wikipedias. His funeral was in his beloved adopted land of India. commonswikidewikienwikifrwikibooksfrwikinewsfrwikimetawikitrwiki [15]
Neilm Neil Morris lived in Southsea, England, where he worked as a Chartered Engineer and for a computer company. Neil was also an inventor, holding a patent to a drop detection device.[16] Among the articles edited by Neil were Parallel SCSI, SCSI Enclosure Services, and Enclosure Services Interface. He passed away on September 17, 2006, according to a notice left on his user page.[17] Further information on his life would be appreciated. enwikinewsenwiki
Ntsika 'prince Lain' Kellem Ntsika Kellem lived in Joe Slovo Park, Cape Town, South Africa. He was a recent graduate of Sinenjongo High School who was interested in chess and was studying computer science at a school in Cape Town. On 14 March 2014 he died in an auto accident. Many students at Sinenjongo High School had campaigned for free access to Wikipedia with Wikipedia Zero. For more about that Wikipedia Zero initiative and Sinenjongo, including Ntsika, see this blog post. In particular, see this video, where he talks about how Wikipedia would help him and his friends. xhwikienwikicommonswiki
William O'Ryan (Oryanw) William O'Ryan , also known by his username Oryanw, died on February 12, 2008, has mainly contributed in the Esperanto Wikipedia where he was sysop. He contributed during less than 13 months, but translated hundreds of articles from English to Esperanto. He was also active in the English and the Tigrinya Wikipedias (as en:Oryanw and ti:Oryanw).

His sister Josephine let us know about Bill's death and provided some biographical informations you can read here and we edited as Wikipedia article in Esperanto as William O'Ryan.

Bill was multilingual speaking English, Tigrinya, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, etc. He also learned a multitude of computer languages. He spent countless hours translating articles from English into Esperanto on Wikipedia.

Josephine wrote : "He worked for years on a Tigrinya/English dictionary. His good friend Marco says that he feels Bill was probably the premier expert on Tigrinya in the United States. He was always learning. He taught himself anything he was interested in. His interests included science, history and languages. I used to teach science and whenever he would call me and ask if I had heard about something scientific, I would groan because I knew he would ask me about something I didn’t yet know or about which I knew less than he did. He belonged to book clubs and would go whenever his body would allow him to.

When he discovered Wikipedia, he was excited to realize he could contribute so much. His hands were painful and he had lost a lot of his small motor skills but he painstakingly would type out his translated articles. He trained himself to use his left hand on the mouse because the right hand didn’t work so well. His Wikipedia contributions and his Tigrinya dictionary were reasons to keep fighting because he felt he was making a difference."

Padraig commonswikien-wiki
Nasib Bitar (Producer, Alpha-beta, Mnbitar) commonsarwiki
Pietro Roveri Pietro Roveri was a Brazilian editor of Wikipedia and Wikiversity, heavily involved in the formation of the Brazilian chapter. He did his master thesis on the dynamics of the Portuguese Wikipedia. His work is available on Wikisource ([4]). According to a family member[18][19] Pietro died of a sudden heart attack on the 19 February 2012, at the age of 27, on a farm in Delfinópolis. The local community homage is here. ptwiki
Robert Braunwart Robert Braunwart (Rbraunwa) was born in Richland Washington in 1948 and grew up in Moses Lake. He lived for many years in Oaxaca, México and Los Angeles, California. He attended Reed College as a National Merit Scholar before transferring to the University of Washington. During his life, Robert worked as an administrative assistant, editor, small business owner, and online math tutor, but his major interests and activities centered on political activities and a variety of personal projects, ranging from co-founding the Professional Football Researchers Association to contributing almost 12,000 edits and hundreds of articles to Wikipedia, primarily on the viceroys of New Spain. Of these new articles, at least 15 were honored as Did you know selections. Robert died on October 14, 2007 from melanoma.[20] commonswikidewikienwikienwikisourceeowikieswikifrwikiitwikimetawikinlwiki
Remacle frwikisource
Rob Levin Rob Levin, the founder of the freenode IRC network, died September 16, 2006 from head injuries sustained while riding a bicycle. Slashdot[21] and Wikinews [22] both had articles on his death. Rob was known as "lilo" on the freenode network. He is survived by his wife and son.[23] enwiki
Robert Ullmann enwikienwiktionarymetarwwiktionaryswwiktionarySUL
Roland1952 Roland Mattern died on December 21, 2011. He was 59 years old.[24][25] He was active from January 4, 2007 til October 21, 2011 on the German Wikipedia and had 11,000 edits overthere. commonsdewiki
R. Veenman René Veenman died suddenly on March 23, 2010.[26] He was active from July 13, 2006 til March 21, 2010 on the Dutch Wikipedia and the Dutch Wikisource. nlwikinlwikisource
Rydel Uladzimir Katkouski, a well-known and award-winning Belarusian blogger, editor of several Belarusian websites and activist for the usage of the w:en:Belarusian language on the Internet. He made over 1,300 edits to the English Wikipedia and several hundreds of edits to the Belarusian, Polish, German and other Wikipedias between 2004 and 2006 as Rydel. Katkouski mostly edited articles about his country and his language and also got himself into a few POV arguments. Among the articles he edited were Orsha and Belarusian language. He was evidently hit by a fire truck and after being in a coma for about a year he passed away on May 26, 2007.[27] be_x_oldwikibgwikicommonsdewikienwikienwiktionaryhuwikimetawikinlwikiplwiki
Sandjaja Kosasih (Sanko) Sandjaja Kosasih (Sanko), died on July 12th, 2012. He was 47 years old. On his Indonesia user page, Kosasih stated he was born in Mojokerto, East Java, and graduated from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. He started editing in Indonesia Wikipedia on April 2010, although had registered and edited in English Wikipedia on 2007. His last edit was on March 14, 2012. With more than 4,000 edit in Indonesian Wikipedia, he mainly contributed to articles Christianity. Sanko came from Samarinda, East Kalimantan. One of his major works is starting a Wikiproject for Catholic churches in Indonesian Wikipedia. He wrote 100 different articles in Derby Multilingual Challenge 2011, mostly in Bahasa Indonesian but also two in Java.

In September 2011, the Mayor of Derby awarded prizes to Sanko via a web cast and these paintings and books signed by the Wikimedia UK board and the mayor were mailed to him by Derby Museum. Sanko was invited to rejoin the editors from Derby when the recent Gibraltarpedia contest was launched, but he never returned. In honor of his contributions, Indonesian Wikipedia community has decided to give him the honorary status.

Sokoljan Jan Sokol (18 April 1936 – 16 February 2021) was a Czech philosopher, dissident, politician and translator. He briefly served as Minister of Education, Youth and Sports in 1998 under Prime Minister Josef Tošovský. From 1990 to 1992 he was Member of Parliament for w:Prague. From 2000 to 2007 he served as the first dean of the Faculty of Humanities at w:Charles University in Prague. Sokol ran for President of the Czech Republic in the 2003 election but lost to Václav Klaus.

Jan Sokol was a prolific contributor to the Czech Wikipedia, active patroller and a promoter of the project "Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia" (Senioři píší Wikipedii). He obtained a honorary membership of Wikimedia Czech Republic in 2014.

cswikicommons [28]
Stéphane Tendon alswikibmwikicommonswikidewikifrwikifrwiktionary
Bernard Norbert (Treanna) Bernard Norbert, also known by his username Treanna, passed away on September 18, 2005. With over 30,000 edits, of which about 25,000 were in article space in just two years, Treanna was the most active contributor of the French Wikipédia. Aged 31, he had just started to contribute again after a coronary incident which had landed him in the hospital in July. The French-speaking community was informed of his condition thanks to one of his sisters, Anne, by email and on this page,[29] throughout the summer. Treanna will be remembered as a great contributor in all domains, but especially in the domains of history, archeology, genealogy, palaeography and related topics. The French Wikipedia community has decided to honour him in working together on a WikiReader about the Middle Ages, a part of Wikipédia to which he has greatly contributed. According to Myriam, his youngest sister, the WikiReader could "help us, his family, to better realise the extent of what he knew and loved to share... the knowledge he did not have time to teach us". Many contributors expressed their condolences to the family here.[30] brwikicommonswikienwikifrwikibooksfrwikifrwikiquotefrwiktionaryitwikilawikimetawikiptwikisourceswiki
Tronogrim Tron Øgrim, a Norwegian Wikimedian, journalist, and author, died on May 23, 2007.[31] He was 59 years old. Tron was one of the most influential persons in Norway's Marxist-Leninist movement in the sixties and seventies.[32] He was one of the founders of the Workers' Communist Party, a party which strongly advocated the Chinese branch of communism. Tron was also central in the founding of the newspaper Klassekampen and the publishing house Oktober. Tron became a journalist after leaving politics in the eighties, having a technology column in the Norwegian edition of PC World. Tron became a Wikipedian in December 2005, when libelous statements about a colleague appeared in a Norwegian (bokmål) Wikipedia article. Tron continued as a Wikipedia editor after the issue was resolved, writing about constructed languages through most of 2006. In the fall of 2006, his focus changed to Nepal generally and the history of communism in Nepal specifically (see Nepals kommunistiske parti (maoistisk) for an example of one of his articles.) Tron was known in the Norwegian wikicommunity for writing very long articles about somewhat obscure topics. Tron also cared much about smaller wikis and their progress. He was routinely posting messages about milestones at the Norwegian Village Pump, as well as participating on the Wikimedia News announcements page. Tron was extremely important for the Norwegian wiki movement, and he was often interviewed by the press about Wikipedia. He gave a lecture about Wikipedia when Wikipedia's founder Jimbo Wales visited Norway in May 2006. More info on him is available at Tron Øgrim and Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/2007-05-28/Wikipedian_death.[33] enwikinowiki
Vier Tildes Vier Tildes passed away on 8 August 2013 in the Dutch city Rosmalen at the age of 48. He was active on the Dutch Wikipedia from 2009 until 8 June 2013. nlwiki
Xavier Bonnafous (Xulin) Xavier Bonnafous, a Wikipedian who primarily edited in the French Wikipedia under the username Xulin, died on May 7, 2006 during a hang gliding accident, according to online reports. Xavier also edited the English Wikipedia using Xulin, although this account was mainly used for interwiki work. On his French user page, Xavier said he was interested in free software and ecology issues. A memorial for Xavier has been established on the French Wikipedia.[34] enwikifrwiki
Matthias Wegel (Kronf) Kronf was an editor of the German Wiktionary and Wikipedia and also of Commons and further projects. He mainly worked as an administrator and bot programmer in the German Wiktionary but was involved in global activities too. The smart and friendly student of computer linguistics naturally albeit unexplainedly passed away at the age of 21. A book of condolences can be found on de:wikt:Benutzer:Kronf/Kondolenzbuch. dewiktionarydewiki
Miguel Chong Miguel Chong was a Peruvian Wikimedian with a lot of cross-wiki contributions. eswikiquwikiwikidata
Wikan Satriati
(WL8 Wikan)
Wikan Satriati was a children book writer and a manager of publications at Lontar Foundation, an Indonesian nonprofit that promotes Indonesian literary works by translating it into English for wider audience. She was also a contributor for the Indonesian and English Wikipedia, mostly writing about Indonesian writers and literary figures as part of the Wikimedia Lontar untuk Penulis Indonesia, a joint project between Lontar and Wikimedia Indonesia in 2011. Her last work with WMID outreach efforts was the Wikipedia editing workshop in Jayapura, Papua, on February 2020; jointly organized with Lontar, Freeport Indonesia, and the Cenderawasih University.[35] She passed away due to COVID-19 in Magelang on April 2021.[36] idwiki - enwiki
Stephen Suleeman (Stephensuleeman) Stephen Suleeman (Stephensuleeman), died on November 8th, 2021. He was 67 years old. He mainly contributed to Indonesian Wikipedia, as writer and most prominently, as administrator for 14 years, until his health prevented him to become active in wiki projects. With more than 24 thousands edits idwikienwiki

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