ContribuLing 2023/Program

For more details on each session, see the full program. YouTube (9h+)

Friday 12th May 2023
Paris Time (UTC+2) Auditorium Workshop room 1 Workshop room 2
9:00 Opening
09:30 (TBD)


10:30 Coffee break
11:00 De la tradition orale à l'âge numérique: le cas du faka'uvea What do Teochew actually say? Strengthening the Digitization of Igbo language
11:35 Lingua Libre: how to organize easy documentation workshops?
12:05 Creating a dictionary of Benin languages
12:35 Lunch break: Arab world food stall from Association Assila (2nd floor Hall)
14:00 Promoting african languages online - Idemi Africa's method 鄉民OCR, digitizing the missing pages from Prof. Ngô's dictionary Resources for Ukrainian
14:30 Our languages, our power - collecting and diffusing digital related words in African languages
14:55 Bringing Quechua closer to end-users through knowledge graphs
15:30 Bringing Wikiprojects to the Andes
16:05 The Pandora's box of low-resource language technology: script and orthographic normalization Reflexions on neologisms in Quechua (in Spanish)
16:40 Supporting bilingual lexicography in low resource languages
17:15 Panel session: the Wiktionary as a tool for language diversity
18:30 Closing ceremony