Die Frauen, die du nie trafst

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The women you have never met
4. März - 9. April 2017

Welcome to the Wikipedia editing contest The women you have never met!

  • What?: It is an editing contest around Women. From March 5 to April 9, 2018, we are launching an editing contest titled The Women You Have Never Met . This initiative, taking place during Women's History Month and supported by Iberocoop , was first organized in 2015 and 2016 with a total of 1,700 articles edited.
    The main goals are:
    • Improving content on Wikipedia related to women. We understand this also as all content related to women's organizations and feminist movements that might help the academic construction of feminism on Wikipedia.
    • Improving the quality of Wikipedia by incorporating gender perspective. The purpose of Wikipedia should not be just how much new knowledge we make accessible, but how. The gender gap is present in Wikipedia, which in many cases reproduces sexist patterns. Reproducing these patterns settles them into the thousands of users of the project.
    • If you want to know how to include the gender perspective while editing articles in Wikipedia, find some guidelines in the Organizer Guidelines' section.
  • When?: The editing contest runs from 00:01 March 5 to 23:59 April 9, 2018 (CET UTC+01:00).
  • How?: Points can be achieved by creating new articles or expanding existing ones, related to women and women's organizations and feminist movements .
  • Who?: public interested in editing in Wikipedia and improve or translate the articles related to women. It is only necessary to have an user account in advance. If you want to participate, please find out first who is organizing the contest in your country. You can find this information in the Participants section. If you want to participate and there is not representation in your country, please contact us the following email: de@wikimedia.org.ar
  • Why?: The contest is organized by Iberocoop. One of our main objectives is to work to reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia. Not only in quantity of women represented but also ensuring the quality of the content.
Contest details
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