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These are some tasks that would really help the project succeed! For your convenience we have divided them based on Wikimedia Projects.

We would be very happy if you would keep us informed about the things that you do so that we can coordinate, and also include it in our reporting to the organization financing this project!

Help Online


Suggest stories for the photo exibition


We are arranging a photo exhibition about cultural heritage in danger throughout the world. Help us to suggest stories about a cultural heritage in danger.


  • 15 November - 7 December – Stories submission

Click here to get started.

Collate an index of national and regional built heritage registers


Aim: To create a worldwide list of national and regional registers of built cultural heritage and integrate them into Wikidata.

  1. Go to the English Wikipedia article List of Heritage Registers.
  2. Look at the Checklist on its talk page here for gaps in information.
  3. Add the following information to the Wikipedia article:
    1. Name of National Register/s as a new line or section
    2. Link to the National register/s as a reference at the end of the name of the register
    3. Names of Regional registers e.g. the register for a state or county
    4. Link to the National register/s as a reference at the end of the name of the register
    5. Any notes, e.g. that the registers do not exist, are out of date, or contain data not exclusively about the country's immovable cultural heritage.
  4. Paste {{tick}} into a cell in the checklist table on the talk page when the information in the Wikipedia article is complete. If it's only partially complete, please write what has been done and what still needs to be done.

Country Reports


If you know the country well, please help us decide which countries to focus on first. You can do that by either filling in a new country report – including references – or by adding to an existing country report. If you are writing a new report, create a page with the URL Open Heritage/Countries/NAMEOFCOUNTRY. You can use the following template:

  • Government agencies and cultural heritage in NAMEOFCOUNTRY
  • Legislated protection of cultural heritage in NAMEOFCOUNTRY
  • Policy decisions on access to public information in NAMEOFCOUNTRY
  • Legislations hindering the distribution of pictures in NAMEOFCOUNTRY
  • Museum or archives that could be willing to add their material to Wikimedia
  • Wikimedia activity in NAMEOFCOUNTRY

Once you have finished the country report, please link to it on this page.

Improve Articles (Wikipedia)

  • Add more information to the Wikipedia article List of Heritage Registers including additional countries and regional registers and links to the registers as references.
  • Write new or expand existing articles where the media files are used.
  • Organize a cross-wiki collaboration (such as this one).
  • Organize a local on-wiki contest (a lot of wikis organize weekly contests).

Improve Open Data (Wikidata)

  • Collect registers in your country about cultural heritage data. With language guidance from you we can hopefully help you to add the data onto Wikidata!
  • Improve the data on Wikidata about cultural heritage in your country. We are focusing on improving the following items on Wikidata: Connected Open Heritage/Wikidata Items to Improve. This include adding:
    • Wikimedia Commons images to Wikidata items
    • Coordinates for the objects
  • Update Wikidata with the new 2016 World Heritage Sites, here is an example to follow with the relevant properties.

Improve Media (Wikimedia Commons)


Improve Translations


Translate one of the following resources into your language:

Help Offline


If your country is on this list, please coordinate with us so that we don’t both contact them independently.

  • Contact decision makers about datasets with cultural heritage in your country. Please have a look at this resource.
  • Contact GLAM professionals about images and other media around cultural heritage in your country. Please have a look at this resource and some tips listed here