Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Results/Wikidata

Here are the results of the Community Wishlist Survey for the Wikidata category – thanks to everyone who participated this year!

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Rank Proposal Symbol support vote.svg Tickets
1 Autosuggest linking Wikidata item after creating an article 92
2 Custom edit summaries 56 T47224
3 Corresponding properties 50 Related: T209559
4 Dedicated section for everything meta on item pages 43
5 Allow adding sitelink to redirect in Wikipedia section 38
6 Accessing items with particular statements via Lua 34 T199887, T209559, T185313
7 Preview common properties in search & dropdowns 32
8 Do not follow sitelink redirects when redirect badge is used 29 T278962
Related: T235420
9 Search box autocomplete (suggestion) should work for all namespace 25 T190454, T194968
10 Tool to replace author name string (P2093) with author (P50) 21
11 Entity Draft Namespace 19 T298405
12 Import references from wikipedia 19 Related: T199197
13 Creation protection for items 17
14 Multilingual dictionary GUI using Wikidata lexemes 16
15 Tool to bulk replace long-hand citations with items 16
16 Better ordering of search results 13 T236992
17 Property proposal helper script 13 T139898
18 haswbsitelink keyword 13 T200859
19 Timeline visualisation of items based on their genealogical properties (inspired by, cited by, etc.) 12
20 Display label of merge with items 10
21 Rework Lexemes to be more intuitive 10 T290858
22 Rework the suggestion model of PropertySuggester with support for values and units 10 T111154, T244856, T229990, T173406, T132839
23 Automated page protector 9
24 Feature to change the order of the references and qualifiers 9 T169960
25 Creation of new objects resp. connecting to existing objects while avoiding duplicates 8
26 A tool to delete all references from an item 4