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2021年9月付でウィキメディア財団理事会は新規にブランドに関する決議にいたり、名称更新関連の作業中断を延長、提携団体とウィキメディアのコンテンツに役立つ新規プロジェクトを承認しました。この決議の詳細ならびにそこに至る過程は、Diff 公式ブログをご参照ください。決議本体に関する質疑は運動ブランド事業のトークページに投稿願います。コミュニティから参加された助言者9名の皆さんと財団職員にはこの1年を通じて理事会と緊密に協議しこの重要なマイルストンを策定されたことに謝意を表します。

Dear all,

I am happy to share with you that the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees has passed a new resolution on the topic of branding [1]. Some context As you may remember, last year the Board paused all work under the 2030 Movement Brand Project, in order to rethink and improve the Foundation’s approach to community participation and decision making around renaming. After year-long work, attentive listening and thoughtful conversation between the Board, Wikimedia Foundation staff, and community advisors, the committee has come up with a recommendation for next steps. The recommendation was unanimously approved by the Board and captured in the above mentioned resolution. The Wikimedia Foundation will therefore be resuming its role to steward and protect Wikimedia brands, in partnership with our broader movement, and the ad hoc Brand Committee concludes its work .

What are the main aspects of the resolution?

要点としてこの決議により、ウィキメディア財団の名前変更作業を今年度は進めるべきではないという理事会決議が延長されることです(少なくとも2022年7月まで)。その代わりに財団に指示し、ブランド活動の3つの主要分野を世界中で展開して、ウィキメディアの評価を守り支え、ウィキメディア運動を支援するよう求めています。この決議の詳細は、Diff 公式ブログ [2] をご一読ください。

Next steps?

Wikimedia Foundation teams intend to share more information on new projects, including their plans for engaging our community, in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Foundation staff and I are available to answer clarifying questions on the Wikimedia brand / 2030 movement brand project talk page on Meta [3]. You are also welcome to join the Board’s Open Meeting on October 20th, where you will be able to ask questions and hear from the team directly [4].

Special thanks

理事会を代表し、ブランド委員会に寄与されたコミュニティ助言者の皆さんに謝意を表します。同グループとは2021年2月より共同作業にあたり、時間と専門性を供与いただきました。この過程に関連してご教示いただいたことは何ものにも変え難く、当方の生産的な進路探しに貢献していただいたことをありがたく思います。お名前をあげて-- Lucy Crompton-Reid、Joao Alexandre Peschanski、Megan Wacha、Justice Okai-Allotey、Rachmat Wahidi、Erlan Vega Rios、Richard Knipel、Phoebe Ayers、Jeffrey Keefer の各位に深謝新車申します。

I would also like to thank our Brand Studio team at the Wikimedia Foundation for their hard work, dedication, professionalism, flexibility, openness, and vision they brought to our joint work on the future of branding.

Together, we made sure that the next steps for brand work are closely connected to our 2030 strategic goals and we have no doubt they will be an important service to the Wikimedia movement. I look forward to watching these plans come to life and invite the community to actively participate in these discussions and decisions as they unfold.


Shani Evenstein Sigalov Chair, Brand Committee Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation

[1] https://foundation.wikimedia.org/wiki/Resolution:Next_Steps_for_Brand_Work,_2021
[2] https://diff.wikimedia.org/2021/10/14/wikimedia-foundation-board-of-trustees-new-resolution-on-branding/
[3] https://meta.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Communications/Wikimedia_brands/2030_movement_brand_project
[4] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_Community_Affairs_Committee/2021-10-20_Conversation_with_Trustees

2030 Movement brand project summary

Our free knowledge projects are created by a global movement. Since 2003, we have used the term “Wikimedia” to refer to this movement. However, after 15 years, the name “Wikimedia” remains unknown and confusing to the outside world. This may make it an ineffective tool for explaining who we are, demonstrating the impact of our work, and inviting new people in. The 2030 Movement Brand Project is creating a proposal for movement names and designs based on our best-known brand.

The proposed movement brand will consist of a naming convention and design system for the movement, affiliates and the Foundation. All communities and affiliates are invited to get involved in its development. If the proposed brand system is approved by the Board of Trustees for use, it will be adopted by the Foundation and it will be available for affiliates to opt in based on their needs.


個人やプロジェクト、技術やコンテンツ、価値の面でエコシステムをどう把握しますか? たった一つの名前でそれを表せるのですか? あるいはデザインとして?

In 2003, we started using “Wikimedia” to describe the interconnected knowledge across projects as well as the communities and affiliates who make that knowledge available. But we learned, based on research, that “Wikimedia” is not a name that is well-understood or recognized by many people around the world.

This disconnect impacts our ability to fulfill our 2030 strategic direction: if the world does not know who we are, how can we guarantee that anyone who shares our vision can join us? If the world does not understand our movement’s interconnected projects and communities, how can we become the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge? Creating a compelling, unified brand will communicate who we are and what we do, inspiring people of all backgrounds to join us and helping us reach our shared movement goals.


This project has the objective of evolving our movement brand in order to clarify who we are, simplify entry points for newcomers, and grow participation. The development of this project is informed by the qualities for good movement branding that emerged in the 2019 research and consultation (see below), and integrates new feedback as the project advances.

The brand system to be proposed will consist of a naming convention and brand design. The brand design is expected to include logos and design styles such as typefaces, colors and ready-to-use templates. This brand system, if approved for use, will be adopted by the Foundation and will be available for affiliates to opt in. It will not propose changes to the content projects.

This project supports the Brand Awareness priority in the Wikimedia Foundation's medium-term plan.

運動の良質なブランディングの品質 (運動のブランディング要件)

In 2019, the results of the 2030 research and planning community review presented six qualities/criteria surfaced by the community review that should guide the 2030 Movement Brand Project.

These qualities are also being referred to as the seven Movement Branding Criteria.

  1. Branding should reduce confusion about the distinction between organizations and projects, clearly identifying what roles platforms, volunteers, affiliates, and the Foundation play in the movement.
  2. Branding should protect and improve the reputation of the movement, increasing trust in our content and contributors.
  3. Branding should benefit all projects, so that Wikipedia's international popularity and centrality to our movement are used to improve usage and participation in related projects.
  4. Branding should mitigate legal and government risks to movement participants and affiliates, so that volunteers are not blamed or punished for project content in places hostile to project content and our policies of free speech.
  5. Branding should grow our movement by appealing to new users, contributors, donors, and partners around the world, and inviting them to join us in our 2030 direction.
  6. Branding should be adaptable and adopted gradually, allowing community groups to opt-in to the system in a way that is personalized and localized, at their own pace, with support from the Foundation.

Several of these points have been reinforced in 2020 by the volunteer-initiated RfC Should the Foundation call itself Wikipedia, with a seventh quality being added at the conclusion of that RfC:

  1. The Foundation should not use the name Wikipedia, as a significant majority of the community has found it unacceptable for the Foundation to use the name Wikipedia to refer to itself.


We invite everyone to get involved. We encourage especially the participation of all movement affiliates because they are the target users of the evolved brand system being developed by this project.

Feedback and questions are welcome on the project talk page. You can write to the project team privately at brandproject wikimedia.org. Check the Frequently Asked Questions!


Video introducing the Interconnection unified concept (check the report.)
Naming Convention Proposals Presentation
Wikimedia Brand Strategy 2020 presentation (proposal)

A list of past project activities and updates. For a complete list, see the Timeline.

These are rough project milestones and may change.

  • Concept development – completed (January to April)
  • Naming conventions for discussion (June – July)
    • Foundation participation paused through at least March 2021

Every step of the process is documented in the project timeline.


Wikimedia Movement

  • Brand Network – Guides brand concepting and design process in collaboration with Snøhetta (the project design partner) and Foundation staff.
  • Volunteer communities across the movement (cross projects, community lists, and village pumps) – Comments on proposed naming, design, and brand elements to highlight concerns, needs, and suggested improvements.

Wikimedia Foundation (Participation paused through at least March 2021)

  • Steering Committee – Informs brand development. Representatives from Fundraising, Legal/Policy, Technology, Product, Finance & Administration.
  • Brand Project team – Leads project development and documentation, and coordinates between movement, Foundation, and Snøhetta.
  • Executive Leadership and Board of Trustees – Vet and review brand proposals.

Snøhetta (project design partner)

  • Leads design work. Crafts brand proposals for Movement review.