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Reports documenting each community feedback moment throughout the course of the Brand Project.

In order to provide transparency into project development and decision-making, the Brand Project team creates reports of each community feedback moment. These reports synthesize recurring themes in discussion, summarize outcomes, and outline how each moment feeds into the process.

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Multimedia Files

A combination of slide-decks, videos, and other resources about the Brand Project.

Files listed in reverse-chronological order.

See the Wikimedia 2030 brand project category on Commons for more media.

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Affiliate Liaison Toolkit

Documents to support Affiliate Liaisons in gathering and submitting collective feedback from their affiliates.

Files listed in reverse-chronological order.

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Project Updates

Compiled Brand Project updates, announcements and exercises published on the Wikimedia-l mailing list, Meta-Wiki project talk pages and

Wikimedia-l threads
Meta announcements
Blogposts and exercises

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Community Processes

Processes started by the community regarding the Brand Project.

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External Guidelines and Case Studies

Brand guidelines and case studies from other organizations that have informed this project.