Chapters Council/Draft charter



The Wikimedia Chapters, having recognised the need for a vehicle for collaboration and mutual support, have decided to form the Wikimedia Chapters Council to:

  1. determine consensus positions on common chapter interests and represent them in relations with the Foundation, the project communities, and interested external parties
  2. set standards of accountability for the member chapters and review adherence to them
  3. facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas, and useful institutional knowledge between chapters
  4. assist and support member chapters in their organizational development.


the Council
the Wikimedia Chapters Council
Wikimedia Chapter, officially recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation
the WMF
the Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
Ordinary Resolution
a resolution of the Assembly that requires a simple majority to pass
Special Resolution
a resolution of the Assembly that requires a two-thirds majority to pass

1. Constitution and Membership

  1. The Council is a legally incorporated body, registered in [Switzerland].
  2. The Council is governed by this Charter, which may be amended by a Special Resolution.
  3. The Council has members, which are Chapters.
  4. All Chapters are entitled to become members.
  5. If a member Chapter acts in a way that is not compatible with the values and purpose of the Wikimedia Movement, it may be expelled and its membership terminated permanently or for a fixed term, by a Special Resolution of the Assembly.
  6. An expelled Chapter may be readmitted to the Council either on the expiration of the term of its expulsion or by Ordinary Resolution.

2. Assembly

  1. The primary decision making body of the Council is the Assembly.
  2. The Assembly consists of one Representative and one Deputy Representative from each member Chapter.
  3. Representatives and Deputy Representatives will be appointed by their Chapter, by whatever means the Chapter may decide, for a term of [one year starting from each 1 January/two years with half being appointed each 1 January].
  4. [Representatives and their deputies may not occupy any staff or board position within a Chapter or the WMF].
  5. Representatives are volunteers and receive no monetary compensation for their time.
  6. Representatives may have their reasonable and actual expenses paid by the Council, following whatever process the Assembly may decide from time to time.
  7. All Representatives have an equal vote. A Deputy Representative may only vote in the absence of their Representative.
  8. All Representatives and Deputy Representatives have the right to address the Assembly.
  9. [A (Deputy) Representative may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.]
  10. If a (Deputy) Representative resigns, their Chapter may appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term. [The replacement may not be the previous (Deputy) Representative if they have already served two consecutive terms. Serving as a replacement [does/does not] constitute a term for the purposes of Clause 4.2.]
  11. The Assembly may, by Ordinary Resolution, censure a Representative or Deputy Representative. This is a warning to the (Deputy) Representative that their conduct is considered unacceptable.
  12. In the event of grave misconduct by a (Deputy) Representative, the Assembly may remove then from their position by Special Resolution. Their Chapter may appoint a replacement.
  13. Assembly meetings are quorate provided one half of Chapters have a Representative or their Deputy physically or virtually in attendance..
  14. Use of videoconferencing technology is encouraged, representatives and deputies do not need to be physically present if they can attend electronically.

3. Business of the Assembly

  1. The Assembly will conduct its business in public wherever possible.
  2. The Business of the Assembly will be governed by the Standing Orders, which will be adopted and may be amended by Ordinary Resolution.

4. Budget

  1. The Council's activities will be funded by membership dues paid by each member Chapter. These dues need not be the same for all Chapters.
  2. The Council's Budget, which shall include details of planned expenditure and the membership dues determined necessary to fund that expenditure, shall be determined on an annual basis by Ordinary Resolution.

5. Secretariat

  1. There shall be a Secretariat, which shall support the Council in its decision making and the implementation of those decisions.
  2. The Secretariat will be headed by a Secretary-General, who shall be appointed by Ordinary Resolution.
  3. The salary of the Secretary-General shall be determined on an annual basis by Ordinary Resolution.
  4. Decisions regarding other staff shall be made either by Ordinary Resolution or be delegated to the Secretary-General.

6. Committees

  1. The Assembly may delegate any of its powers that do not require a Special Resolution to a committee of Representatives and Deputy Representatives.
  2. The Terms of Reference for such a committee, which shall include details of what powers have been delegated, membership and voting rights, shall be adopted by Ordinary Resolution.
  3. The members of a committee will be determined by Ordinary Resolution.
  4. Any decision of the committee may be overruled by Ordinary Resolution, unless it has already been implemented and cannot reasonably be reversed.