Chapters Council/Draft standing orders

1. The ChairEdit

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  1. There shall be a Chair, who will be a Representative and will chair all meetings of the Assembly and will rule on all procedural matters.
  2. The Chair shall be appointed by Ordinary Resolution following each new tranche of Representatives joining the Assembly or following the resignation of Chair.
  3. The appointment of a new Chair shall by chaired by the existing chair if they are still a Representative or Deputy Representative, otherwise the appointment shall proceed without a chair.
  4. In the absence of the Chair and when necessary, the Assembly will appoint a temporary replacement by Ordinary Resolution. This Resolution will take place without a Chair.
  5. Any ruling of the Chair may be overruled by an Ordinary Resolution.
  6. In the event of grave disorder, the Chair may suspend a meeting of the Assembly for an appropriate period of time.

2. ResolutionsEdit

  1. A Resolution must be proposed by a Representative (or Deputy Representative if the Representative of that chapter is absent) and seconded by a second (Deputy) Representative.
  2. All Resolutions shall be Ordinary Resolutions, unless it is required by this Charter that it be a Special Resolution.
  3. The Resolution will then be discussed by the Assembly.
  4. A vote will be held when the Chair rules that there has been sufficient discussion and that all Representatives have had a reasonable opportunity to make their views heard. In the case of a Special Resolution, a least two weeks must transpire between the Resolution being seconded and the vote.
  5. The vote will take place either on the wiki or by a show of hands at a meeting. All Representatives (or their Deputies in their absence) except the Chair, may vote and their votes count equally. In the event of a tie, the Chair will have the casting vote.