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Languages Matter to Cultural Diversity in Wikipedia: Finding Missing Languages and Bridging the Gaps in Minority Languages

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Marc Miquel

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Amical Wikimedia, Wikimedia Diversity Working Group

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Each Wikipedia language edition adds to the overall Wikipedia cultural diversity with articles about their places, leaders, traditions, among many other topics. It is their genuine and unique contribution that is often not translated across languages generating what is known as a content gap. Leaving aside this gap, in the Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory project we find that cultural diversity could improve if we could 1) engage languages with a status of marginalization to represent better their context, 2) increase the number of Wikipedia language editions.

In this talk I want to give a quick overview of our research with few key figures on the overall linguistic situation in Wikipedia in terms of cultural diversity. First, for each Wikipedia whose language is in state of minorization I want to provide a list of articles about their geographical and cultural context that exist in bigger language editions but they do not exist in its language yet. Second, I provide a list of languages of the world that according to their number of speakers and social status could be candidate to start a Wikipedia and represent their context.

Finally, I want to stress out the importance of representing each language's cultural context despite the possible difficulties in finding sources, among other problems. Because I believe that encouraging the growth of Wikipedias cannot be dissociated from the encouragement of representing their context and acknowledging their particular contribution to human knowledge.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  • Find which Wikipedia language editions are from a language with a marginalization status and the articles about their cultural and geographical context they should have.
  • Look up which territories in the world are not covered by any Wikipedia language edition of a local native language.
  • Detect new potential Wikipedia language editions by examining those languages with a high social status and a large number of speakers.
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