This page is a translated version of the page COVID-19/18 March 2020 - Postponing Wikimania Bangkok until 2021 and the translation is 72% complete.




你們一定有很多問題。我們希望能在下面回答你們的一些問題。我們會繼續回答在Wikimania Meta-Wiki頁和在Wikimania 電報群聊的問題(下面的更多信息)。


我們不會在2020年舉辦面對面的Wikimania。我們正在重新安排Wikimania Bangkok,直到2021年。ESEAP組織團隊[2]將繼續作為東部,東南部和太平洋地區的分支機構之間的區域合作組織的工作,明年將在泰國接待我們。


好消息是Wikimania 2021將與Wikipedia成立20週年。我們希望這將是一個真正令人難忘的Wikimania--相隔一年后慶祝重新連接的機會,以及二十年免費知識的卓越成就。


2020年Wikimania託管人尚未計劃組織虛擬的在線活動。託管Wikimania的工作很多。 ESEAP團隊致力於在2021年在曼谷舉辦最好的面對面活動。因此,他們今年將無權組織虛擬的Wikimania。

但是,Wikimania委員會,ESEAP接待團隊和Wikimedia Foundation都認識到社區中的其他成員可能有興趣在2020年組織一次遠程全球Wikimedia活動。儘管Wikimedia Foundation目前沒有能力領導組織虛擬在線會議,我們意識到其他人可能有這樣做的願望。

我們歡迎討論在線活動。歡迎有興趣的人士聯繫Wikimania指導委員會和Wikimania基金會工作人員,以獲取有關Wikimania 2020 Meta-Wiki頁面的建議。

We are also considering proposals for improving the capacity of communities to organize local virtual convenings, and for how we can support communities in organizing impromptu local and regional Wikimedia events once the pandemic passes. As the situation has been changing rapidly we are still working on specifics and will share more information in the coming weeks.




This recommendation was made by the ESEAP organizers based on what we know about the current COVID-19 global health pandemic and current WHO guidelines. The decision was made together with the ESEAP team in consultation with the Wikimania Steering Committee and Wikimedia Foundation. Together we are fully and unanimously aligned around this decision.

Although we are genuinely sad to not have the opportunity to see you all this year, we also are fully supportive of this decision in all of our best interests. It allows our ESEAP community hosts to focus on the immediate needs of their families, local Wikimedia communities, and local communities as a whole. It is in line with global public health guidance and aligns the Wikimedia movement as a responsible actor in support of our common public good.

We want to thank all volunteers and affiliates that have been involved with planning Wikimania. We’re especially appreciative of the ESEAP for their leadership, flexibility, and compassion, as we have worked together to make some difficult decisions on this important event.


There are a number of channels where Wikimania is regularly discussed and where plans for 2021 will be posted as they develop. We welcome all interested participants to bring together our collective wisdom and creativity to discuss what happens next with Wikimania. You can find these channels here:


We know the Wikimedia community as generous and altruistic. Unsurprisingly, many volunteers have started applying their skills and attention to this current global pandemic. The Foundation created a page on Meta-Wiki where we can share and document the steps the Foundation and movement members are taking and ways to participate. We invite you to join us in documenting more about our collective response:


Our world, and many of our lives, have changed rapidly over these past few weeks. Yet we can look to history to take comfort that crises are also often moments when people put aside differences, prioritize community and care, and find ways to connect. The sense of community and purpose within the Wikimedia movement is a powerful rejoinder to these uncertain times.

This is a moment in which not only what we do, but how we do it, will make a meaningful impact on the world. We are so grateful for all that you do as a movement to continue to rise to the challenges of our moment.



  • ESEAP Core Organizing Team
  • Wikimania Steering Committee
  • Wikimedia Foundation Events Team