Connected Open Heritage Challenge

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Connected Open Heritage Challenge
July 1, 2017 - July 31, 2017

Welcome to the writing challenge around using newly added images of important immovable cultural heritage!

  • What: This is a writing challenge focusing on improving usage of newly added collections of images mainly depicting immovable (built) cultural heritage. The goal of this first edition is to work on the images from these image collections. The winners will receive the honor and great prizes.

  • When: The Challenge will run from 00:01 1 July until 23:59 31 July 2017 (CET UTC+02:00).

  • How: The Challenge is simple in structure, based on a KISS point system: The focus of the competition is to illustrate articles. You get points based on how many page visits the images you add get. You can add a maximum of five images per article, and the images have to be captioned. If you also improve the article, you get twice the amount of points. With the goal for each participant to gain as many points as possible. All in all, fairly straightforward.

  • Who: Everybody interested in historical images, immovable cultural heritage, cooperations with GLAMs or that just love to make our resources even more usable and valuable is willing to join. Any Wiki[m/p]edian with a named account (on any wiki) can participate. To participate you just need to sign up on the Participants section.

  • Why: The Challenge is organized by Wikimedia Sverige and UNESCO as part of the project Connected Open Heritage. We hope that the images uploaded as part of the project will be easier to find and use by improving the metadata and connect them to Wikidata Items. We will also highlight the outcome of the Challenge in our communication with GLAMs to show the value of crowdsourcing and the Wikimedia projects with the hope that they will release more collections in the future.


The winners of the main prizes in the Challenge are:

Special prize: Elisardojm (19 articles)

Congratulations to all of you!

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