Connected Open Heritage Challenge/Background

Connected Open Heritage Challenge
1 July - 31 July, 2017

A bit about the background to why we are doing this

In 2016 the project Connected Open Heritage (COH) started. The aim of COH is to collect an enormous amount of data and images around the world's immovable cultural heritage.

One part of the project is focusing on bringing together historical images from GLAMs. However, real value is created when this material is connected with both structured data and put in a context on Wikipedia. Therefore a number of events, such as this contest, will be organized. With this Challenge we hope to improve the use of a number of new images, to make them easier to find with the hope that the GLAM institutions will release more collections in the future.

As there were some quality issues with some contributions during the UNESCO Challenge we would like to offer an incentive to improve the articles worked on back then.

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Contest details
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