CIS-A2K/Reports/Newsletter/August 2020

Access to Knowledge
 August 2020 
 Volume 8 

Re-licensing sessions edit

CIS-A2K facilitated the OTRS process with NGO Chaitanya, Magician Jitendra Raghuvir. Few books and Images from these authors were released under CC-By-SA and uploaded them on Wikimedia Commons. The authorised signatory of the organisation has to complete the OTRS process with the help of Authors read more..

Wikimedia workshop on WikiProject Jalbodh & Ambajoga edit

CIS-A2K conducted an online session on 17 August. The meeting was started with the discussion of basics of Wikipedia and followed with The five pillars, manual of style and online/offline reliable resources.  Then the existing articles were checked also the list of new articles to be created was listed. Some of the articles were created in the sandbox and moved to the main namespace later. The uploading of images on Commons was also done. This process will be replicated for other village articles. The articles created in the first phase are - जायभायवाडी, मांडवखेल, व्हरकटवाडी, and राडीतांडा read more.. & read more...

Marathi Lexeme Project edit

CIS-A2K has been making efforts to develop Marathi community to work on Wiktionary project in the last two years. While few Wikimedians and linguistics have shown enthusiasm to work, the progress is slow. As the idea of 'Abstract Wikipedia' is taking shape, it was felt that the community members should be introduced to the importance and process of building lexicographical data in Wikidata. The volunteers actively participated in the session. The technical expert User:Mahir256 guided the members with demonstrations and discussions on queries. The session was moderated by User:Bodhisattwa (CIS-A2K) read more..

Online Meeting with Punjabi Wikimedians edit

CIS-A2K organised an Online meetup for Punjabi Wikimedians to discuss some of the ongoing works on Punjabi Wikipedia. The meeting started with the discussion of free Punjabi audiobooks and continued with the Good article process.  One of the main topics of the meeting for Wikipolices and its importance read more..