Not to be confused with (formely Betawiki) or the current BetaWiki.

This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
The logo for the project, if you already have one
Status of the proposal
Statusunder discussion
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionSomething similar to BetaWikiversity but for Wikivoyage
Is it a multilingual wiki?one multilingual wiki
Proposed taglineDoes your project have a tagline? (optional)
Technical requirements
New features to requireNone extra
Additional project settingsFurther comments on the settings? for example; Will images and files be able to be uploaded to the project?

The main purpose is to serve something similar to Beta Wikiversity except for Wikivoyage. The reason to this is that for those in the process of building Wikivoyage, but instead unlike the incubator where experienced users who'd have to deal with all the Wiki's except Wikiversity, instead, for those interested in building Wikivoyage in a certain language, then they can get a more one on one support. It's also a lot easier to detect touting as well (which is one of the biggest problems on Wikivoyage, which would probably go undetected on the incubator).

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  • Beta Wikiversity

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  •   Oppose: COVID-19 is the main reason why so many Wikivoyage tests are inactive by now or have only one active contributor. Also no clear reasoning why this should be separate from Wikimedia Incubator. Faster than Thunder (talk) 16:48, 22 May 2022 (UTC)