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Wikisource workshop
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  • Workshop (live-stream with option to interact with participants, 45 minutes)
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The workshop will demonstrate how to proofread texts on Wikisource. It will allow attendees to learn how to contribute and take part in the Wikisource community.

First, we will introduce: existing projects on Wikisource, proofreading status, how to ask for help. Then, the workshop will start and each participant will get to work on a few pages. Finally, we will discuss about the steps to start a new proofreading project.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  • concret knowledge and experience on how to create and edit documents on Wikisource
  • if you have no prior knowledge of Wikisource, it's suggested to look at the Wikisource presentation first
Theme of session
  • Language technology
  • Empowering wiki communities
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  • Workshop needs to be after (directly or not) the presentation
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Interested attendees edit

Dear potential attendees, if you have any idea or suggestion of texts to proofread, we would love to hear them.

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