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Started in 2003, Wikisource is one of the oldest sister projects of Wikipedia. The purpose of Wikisource is to digitize free works (as in public domain or free-license). There are several specialized tools available at Wikisource that are not present in Wikipedias.

Wikisource is split into 72 language subdomains (plus a multilingual one as incubator). Recently it has experienced somewhat of a resurgence, with more focus and more activities going on – especially in Indic languages. Moreover, each Wikisource contains a large variety of linguistic documents, like dictionaries and grammars. To be in public domain, these documents are old (70+ years) but could still be useful in many ways (for diachronic analysis, to compare how words evolved).

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  • Better understanding of Wikisource, how it work, what could and need to be done.
  • This presentation can be used as a general introduction for the Wikisource workshop or as a stand-alone
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