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Please note that the program is still subject to change, though at this stage any changes should be minor.

Day 1, March 19th

The conference venue
9:00 Registration
09ː30 - 09ː45 Welcoming word from CLibre
Speakers: Habib Mhenni
09ː50 - 10ː00 Presentation of the project AraPedia
Speaker: Helmi Hamdi
10ː00 - 10ː30 Icebreacker
Speakerː All participants


Virtual reality hypotheses of cultural heritage sites and digital documentation on Wikipediaː Umayyed desert places in Jordan

Speakerː Nidhal Jarrar

Speakerː Nassima Chahboun

10ː30 - 11ː00 Break
11ː00 - 11ː30 Presentation of MedinaPedia Tunis - Discussion and questions
Speaker: Sami Mlouhi
11ː30 - 12ː00 How to use Google docs for project management?

Speaker: Abdulaziz Al Hammadi

12ː00 - 13ː30 Lunch break
13ː30 -ː 14ː30 Project management workshop

Speaker: Yamen Bousrih

14ː30 - 15ː00 How to make GLAM Partnerships?

Speaker: Felix Nartey

15ː00 - 15ː30 Community management workshop

Speaker: Abdelkarim Ben Abdallah(SMC Tunisia)

15ː30 - 16ː00 Break
16ː00 - 17ː30 How to recruit new volunteers and retain newcomers? (mentoring?)

Speaker: Habib Mhenni/ Yamen Bousrih

17ː30 Dinner & Free time

Day 2, March 20th

Medina of Tunis
9:30 - 13:30 Tour in the Medina of Tunis by Jamel Eddine Ben Saidane
13:30 Back to the hotel
14ː00 - 15ː00 Creative commons(upload) + licences
Speaker: Habib Mhenni/ Yamen Bousrih
15ː00 - 15ː30 Open Street Map Workshop
Speakerː Israa Rahmani(OSM Tunisia)
15ː30 - 16ː00 Break
16ː00 - 16ː45 Linking your GLAM with Wikidata
Speaker: Helmi Hamdi
16ː45 - 17ː15 How to design/create QR code plaque?

Speaker: Helmi Hamdi

17ː15 -ː 17ː30 How to get metrics (stats)?

Speaker: Yamen Bousrih

17ː30 Dinner & Free time

Day 3, March 21st

Salambo Museum/Bardo Museum
9:30 - 11:30 Visit to Salambo Museum/Bardo Museum (practical workshop)
12:00 Back to the hotel
12ː00 - 13ː30 Lunch break
13ː30 - 14ː00 Closing ceremony
14ː30 - 18ː00 Free time
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