AraPedia 2020/Program

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Please note that the program is still subject to change, though at this stage any changes should be minor.

Day 1, March 19th

The conference venue
9:00 Registration
09ː30 - 09ː45 Welcoming word from CLibre
Speakers: Habib Mhenni
09ː50 - 10ː00 Presentation of the project AraPedia
Speaker: Helmi Hamdi
10ː00 - 10ː30 Icebreacker
Speakerː All participants

Lightning talks

Virtual reality hypotheses of cultural heritage sites and digital documentation on Wikipediaː Umayyed desert places in Jordan

Speakerː Nidhal Jarrar

Speakerː Nassima Chahboun

10ː30 - 11ː00 Break
11ː00 - 11ː30 Presentation of MedinaPedia Tunis - Discussion and questions
Speaker: Sami Mlouhi
11ː30 - 12ː00 How to use Google docs for project management?

Speaker: Abdulaziz Al Hammadi

12ː00 - 13ː30 Lunch break
13ː30 -ː 14ː30 Project management workshop

Speaker: Yamen Bousrih

14ː30 - 15ː00 How to make GLAM Partnerships?

Speaker: Felix Nartey

15ː00 - 15ː30 Community management workshop

Speaker: Abdelkarim Ben Abdallah(SMC Tunisia)

15ː30 - 16ː00 Break
16ː00 - 17ː30 How to recruit new volunteers and retain newcomers? (mentoring?)

Speaker: Habib Mhenni/ Yamen Bousrih

17ː30 Dinner & Free time

Day 2, March 20th

Medina of Tunis
9:30 - 13:30 Tour in the Medina of Tunis by Jamel Eddine Ben Saidane
13:30 Back to the hotel
14ː00 - 15ː00 Creative commons(upload) + licences
Speaker: Habib Mhenni/ Yamen Bousrih
15ː00 - 15ː30 Open Street Map Workshop
Speakerː Israa Rahmani(OSM Tunisia)
15ː30 - 16ː00 Break
16ː00 - 16ː45 Linking your GLAM with Wikidata
Speaker: Helmi Hamdi
16ː45 - 17ː15 How to design/create QR code plaque?

Speaker: Helmi Hamdi

17ː15 -ː 17ː30 How to get metrics (stats)?

Speaker: Yamen Bousrih

17ː30 Dinner & Free time

Day 3, March 21st

Salambo Museum/Bardo Museum
9:30 - 11:30 Visit to Salambo Museum/Bardo Museum (practical workshop)
12:00 Back to the hotel
12ː00 - 13ː30 Lunch break
13ː30 - 14ː00 Closing ceremony
14ː30 - 18ː00 Free time
AraPedia 2020
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