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  • あなたが管理する構想の立ち上げを発表する;
  • 開催中のイニシアチブを見つけ参加する;
  • 過去の着想に学ぶ;
  • リストを最新の状態に保つのを手伝う。



男女格差に関連した構想や意見、経験を共有するハブとして、ウィキメディアブログを使うことができます。下記の項目から読みたいものを選んでください。 «Category: Gender Gap», «Tag: Gender gap», «Category: WikiWomen», もしくは submit your own draft for a blog post.


Focus Project page(s) Coordinator Timeframe
Content Viquidones Wikiproject (Gender gap in Catalan language) Tiputini, Kippelboy et al. 2016-
Content WikiWomen's History Month Events Missvain, Another believer et al. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Content Art & Feminism Meetups Dorothy Howard, Jacqueline Mabey, Michael Mandiberg, Siân Evans and others. 2014, 2015 and 2016
Content Women Scientists Workshop Development, and the Systemic Bias Workshop Kit Keilana 2014-15
Content WikiWomen Prize Egypt Wikimedians User Group 2014
Content The Wikidata game, gender tagging Magnus Manske ongoing
Content and culture Gender gap task force, English Wikipedia Sarah (SV) ongoing
Culture Outreachy, a technical outreach program for women Quim Gil 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Culture Wikipedia Teahouse Teahouse Hosts 2011 - onwards
Culture WikiWomen's Collaborative Missvain, Netha Hussain, et al 2012 onwards
Convening WikiWomenCamp Laura Hale, Béria Lima, and Beatriz Busaniche 2012
Convening Wikimedia Diversity Conference Wikimedia Deutschland 2013
Research Charting diversity Wikimedia Deutschland 2014
Research Women and Wikipedia Amanda Menking 2014-15
Campaign Inspire Campaign, and grants to address the gender gap Siko Bouterse, Alex Wang, Jonathan Morgan and team March 2015
Campaign Let's Talk Diversity campaign addresses the many cultural and demographic gaps on Wikimedia projects, and aims to generate a pool of knowledge to support Inspire Campaign. María Cruz, Jaime Anstee, Edward Galvez, Pine and team February - March 2015
Content, Culture Editatona: reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia projects from Mexico Carmen Alcázar, WMMX community and Mexican NGO gender-focused members Planning: September 2014. Implementation: January 2015
Content Women in Red, content gender gap WikiProject, English Wikipedia Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight July 2015 onwards
Culture WikiWomen's User Group Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight, Keilana, FloNight, et al July 2015 onwards
Content Just For The Record Loraine Furter, Léonie Butler, MMelvaer, Sarah magnan. 2015 and onwards
Content and outreach Wiki Loves Women IslaHaddow, Anthere Jan 2016 onwards
Content Les sans pagEs on French Wikipedia Nattes à chat and other participants Began on June 2016
Content WikiDonne, content gender gap WikiProject, Italian Wikipedia Camelia Boban August 2016 onwards
Culture WikiDonne's User Group Camelia Boban, Antonietta Cima, Susanna Giaccai and others November 2016 onwards
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