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future project 2023-2024 edit

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Important : Wikimedia Tamzight does not host or edit Wikipedia or any of the other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. The User group has no control over these sites or their content.

Training edit

  • 27 Junuary 2023 :sharing on Facebook page and Twitter : inscription by email if you want for Workshop online Subject training to project Wikimedia Topic GAP.

Interested in participating edit

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We will contact you with your email address registered in the Wikimedia projects, please write your user name if you want to have a training on Wikipedia. Add your username if you want to participate or complete the form if you want Inscription

  1. Username / language
  2. Username: User:AyourAchtouk / Tachelhit
  3. Username:
  4. Username:

Wikipédia francophone Vous pouvez visionner les capsules vidéos Wikipedia pas à pas You can view the Wikipedia step-by-step video capsules Wikipédia fr pas à pas.

Wikipédia Kabyle and Tachlehit, We need volunteers to contribute on the project Wi Mooc Wikipedia Kabyle step by step, adapt to both projects, according to their law.


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