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This is the last newsletter for 2020. We will take a break in writing the newsletter until January. We wish everyone happy holidays and a good start into 2021, a year which will see the launch of a new Wikimedia project. Yay!

Last week saw the publication of a conversation between Heather Ford, Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Denny Vrandečić. They discuss the potential advantages but also ethical challenges that Abstract Wikipedia will face: Automated Facts, Data Contextualization and Knowledge Colonialism.

We presented Abstract Wikipedia at the Wikimedia Ukraine 2020 conference. A recording of the presentation is available here, using slides translated to Ukrainian: video.

There was also a talk at the Fall 2020 edition of the SMWCon in Vienna. That talk went through the history of Semantic MediaWiki to Wikidata and was focused more around the usage of Semantic MediaWiki as a knowledge tool – and how a library of functions can be helpful with that: keynote.

SMWCon also featured a panel with Lydia Pintscher, Markus Krötzsch, and others, discussing the interaction between Semantic MediaWiki and Knowledge Representation – a topic that will be crucial also for Abstract Wikipedia: panel.

Happy new Gregorian year!