Abstract Wikipedia/Organization

This is part of the development plan for Abstract Wikipedia.
Continues from Abstract Wikipedia goals.

We assume a core team, employed by a single hosting organization, that will work exclusively on Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia. It will be supported by other departments of the hosting organization, such as human resources, legal, etc.

The team will explicitly be set up to be open and welcoming to external contributions to the code base. These may be volunteers or paid (e.g. through grants to movement bodies or by other organizations or companies). We aim to offer volunteers preferred treatment in order to increase the chances of creating the healthy volunteer communities that we need for a project of such ambition.

The project will be developed in the open. Communication channels of the team will be public as far as possible. Communication guidelines will be public. This will help with creating a development team that communicates publicly and that allows to integrate external contributions to the code base.

Continued in Abstract Wikipedia requirements.