Wikipédia abstraite/Questions fréquentes

This page is a translated version of the page Abstract Wikipedia/FAQ and the translation is 42% complete.

This is a page for the most frequently asked questions about Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia.

Quelle est la différence entre la Wikipédia abstraite et Wikifonctions ?

Wikifunctions will be a Wikimedia project, such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, or Wikimedia Commons.

Abstract Wikipedia is an initiative that will allow Wikifunctions, Wikidata, and the individual language Wikipedias to work together in order to make a baseline of knowledge available to, and editable by many more people across many languages.

Comment sera intégré Wikifonctions dans les autres projets ?

Contributors will be able to call functions from Wikifunctions from within their wikis. For readers of the wiki, the result of the function call will be displayed. This can be used, for example, to calculate the age of a person, the population density based on population and area data from Wikidata, or to draw a graph and integrate it into a given article.

Another option to integrate Wikifunctions will be to integrate a function call interface within their wiki. This could be used, for example, in a Wikipedia article to calculate the result of a physical equation, draw and explore mathematical equations, etc.

Comment sera intégrée la Wikipédia abstraite dans les autres projets ?

The content of Abstract Wikipedia will generate natural language text. It is up to the individual Wikipedias which level of integration they choose.

The individual Wikipedia projects will have the possibility to choose to integrate parts of the content within an existing article; to choose which articles to integrate into their local Wikipedia; or to say that any article that is missing, and is available in Abstract Wikipedia, will be automatically integrated into the local Wikipedia.

More details can be found in the top 5 sub-sections of Abstract Wikipedia/Components.

Où seront stockés les contenus de la Wikipédia abstraite ?

This still needs to be decided in a discussion with the communities. We plan to have this discussion in early 2022.

Pourrons-nous insérer des fonctions relatives à la langue dans des projets frères de la même façon que nous le pourrons pour les fonctions de calcul de données ?


Sur quel genre de fonctions vous concentrerez-vous d’abord ?

It is up to the community on which parts of the function library they want to focus on first. We are planning to provide general support with writing functions if the community wants us to. We will very quickly focus on writing functions relevant for Abstract Wikipedia, which are mostly related to natural language generation.

Quelles sources internes de connaissances peuvent être utilisées comme données dans les fonctions ?

Wikifunctions will be able to use data from Wikidata items, from Wikidata lexemes, and from Wikimedia Commons data pages and structured data. We plan to support further internal knowledge sources over time, in particular media files from Commons, texts from Wikisource, and any other content from the Wikimedia project.

Qu’est-ce que Wikifonctions n’est pas ?

Some thoughts on this topic are in the newsletter from Abstract Wikipedia/Updates/2021-05-28. The community will need to write a more detailed and updated version of this, over time.

Sous quelle licence seront placés les fonctions et le contenu dérivé ?

Per the discussion at Abstract Wikipedia/Licensing discussion, all contributions to Wikifunctions and the wider Abstract Wikipedia projects will be published under free licenses. In particular:

This is the summary, presented in Abstract Wikipedia/Updates/2021-12-21, of a month-long discussion happened on Meta in late 2021. There are still some points that will need to be addressed in the future, such as the license of the generated content from the abstract content.

We plan on drafting a more comprehensive document with the Legal department about how people can re-use code from Wikifunctions as painlessly as possible, while adhering to the license.

À quoi songiez-vous en plaçant les fonctions écrites sur Wikifonctions au lieu de les importer d’ailleurs ?

De façon similaire à Wikipédia, deux raisons :

  1. en créant le contenu pour Wikifonctions spécifiquement, nous savons qu’il conviendra bien au sein de notre écosystème (également, copier du code depuis une autre source fonctionnera rarement sans adaptation de toute façon) ;
  2. pour la sécurité juridique en le créant depuis rien d’autre dans Wikifonctions.

Who will decide which functions are suitable for Wikifunctions? Who will decide on the tests that define a function? Who will decide on which implementations should be attached to a given function?

The answer for all of these is that this will be up to the community, to decide on the scope of the project, and the appropriate processes for when to connect and disconnect an implementation or a tester. The team will implement rights that control who can connect implementations and testers to functions, and who can create new types. But how these rights will be associated with the roles that already exist, such as admins, or if new roles need to be introduced, will be decided together with the community.