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1000 articles

There are a growing number of Wikipedia projects, some very active and others quite stagnant. This list is intended as a guideline for those projects so that they will contain a minimum amount of basic, useful information. This way, people will be encouraged to use these projects and help in their growth. The articles should contain at least basic information on the topics they describe, thus providing a starting point for growth besides being a useful reference for the readers. This list provides links to corresponding Wikidata objects, containing links to articles in various Wikipedias which can be used as a translatable resource.

This list is limited to 1000 articles, but a much larger list is available at List of articles every Wikipedia should have/Expanded.

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Section Version 1.1 Current Number Target Number Vital articles
Biography 216 204 TBD 127
Philosophy 18 12 TBD 20
Religion 21 23 TBD 36
Social sciences 71 77 TBD 149
Language and literature 43 46 TBD 36
Arts and recreation 73 75 TBD 49
Measurements 19 12 TBD 2
Science 195 258 TBD 284
* Astronomy 22 22 TBD 26
* Biology 118 83 TBD 73
* Health and medicine 34 38 TBD 39
* Chemistry 27 27 TBD 31
* Earth science 21 21 TBD 23
* Physics 36 39 TBD 40
* Mathematics 22 26 TBD 52
Food and agriculture 34 34 TBD 23
Technology 69 67 TBD 99
History 40 46 TBD 80
Geography 148 146 TBD 100
Total 1000 1000 1000 999

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How to use this listEdit

There are several different ways to use this list. The first is to translate it into the language of your Wikipedia and see whether you have articles on all of these topics. The topics here are linked to corresponding items in the Wikidata project. If your Wikipedia is missing an article, or if you are starting out with a new language, you may want to translate these basic articles from a different language that you are familiar with (for example, English). Language links to Wikipedias in which the topic is covered are provided at the bottom of each Wikidata item page.

In addition to simply listing the articles, this project hopes to eventually create easily translatable versions of these articles, possibly containing core information at simple:Wikipedia:List of articles all languages should have.

This list is also used to obtain the List of Wikipedias by sample of articles. Articles which are absent from one wikipedia are shown in List of Wikipedias by sample of articles/Absent Articles.

It's possible to list the top 1000 most translated (linked) pages in some languages, at Wikidata Terminator; or even compare any two wikis, with Not in the other language.

Since this list is full, it is important that you discuss any changes (adds or deletes) on the discussion for this list first. If you add an entry at this point, it will be necessary to justify deleting something else.

Five versions from the history of this page can be found at Version 1.0 (14 August 2006), Version 1.1 (15 November 2008), Version 1.2 (3 February 2010), Version 1.3 (24 June 2012) and Version 1.4 (1 June 2014).

Top-priority entries, which are considered especially necessary for any Wikipedia to have, are marked in bold. Like the list itself, these selections should not be viewed as dictating how important certain topics are, but only as a utility for smaller Wikipedias to start from.


Artists and architectsEdit

Authors, playwrights and poetsEdit

Composers and musiciansEdit

Explorers and travelersEdit

Film directors, screenwriters and actorsEdit

Inventors, scientists and mathematiciansEdit

Philosophers and social scientistsEdit

Political leadersEdit

Religious figures and theologiansEdit

  1. Abraham
  2. Aquinas, Thomas
  3. Augustine of Hippo
  4. Buddha
  5. Al-Ghazali
  6. Jesus
  7. Luther, Martin
  8. Moses
  9. Muhammad
  10. Nagarjuna



Social sciencesEdit

Language and literatureEdit


  1. Measurement
  2. International System of Units

Weight, volume and distanceEdit

  1. Kilogram
  2. Litre
  3. Metre


  1. Calendar
    1. Gregorian calendar
  2. Clock
  3. Second
  4. Day
  5. Year
  6. Time zone


  1. Science
  2. Nature



Biological processesEdit

  1. Metabolism
    1. Digestion
    2. Photosynthesis
    3. Breathing
  2. Evolution
  3. Reproduction
    1. Pregnancy
    2. Sex



Health and medicineEdit


Earth scienceEdit



Food and agricultureEdit


  1. Agriculture
    1. Irrigation
    2. Plough




Arts and recreationEdit


  1. History

Prehistory and ancient worldEdit

Middle Ages and Early ModernEdit





Bodies of waterEdit

Mountains and desertsEdit

  1. Alps
  2. Andes
  3. Himalayas
    1. Mount Everest
  4. Mount Kilimanjaro
  5. Rocky Mountains
  6. Sahara