Working and convening remotely

Since 2001, the Wikimedia movement has been developing methods to work and convene remotely. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the need for these skills has increased well beyond Wikimedia and the need within Wikimedia is increasingly important. This portal has been created to provide a space to share tips and learn from each other on how to work and conduct meetings or gathering online.

Please note, neither the Wikimedia Foundation nor Wikimedia movement endorses any particular tools or resources - beyond our own, such as MediaWiki and our Wikimedia content projects including Wikipedia and Wikidata. Use by the Wikimedia Foundation, a Wikimedia movement affiliate, or other organized group of any particular tool or service should not be interpreted as an endorsement. The tools and services utilized by the Wikimedia movement consistently change as the needs of the movement evolve. Please see our General disclaimer for more information.









  • [[<tvar|bluejeans>Special:MyLanguage/Blue Jeans</tvar>|Blue Jeans]]
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  • [[<tvar|hangouts>Special:MyLanguage/Google Hangouts</tvar>|Google Hangouts]]
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  • [[<tvar|zoomstream>Special:MyLanguage/Working and convening remotely/Live stream a Zoom meeting</tvar>|Live stream a Zoom meeting]]
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