Wiktionary configuration for users

When a user logs into Wikipedia, all information on a page is shown. This can be a bit much. Thanks for user:Timwi we can enter _many_ new translations for words that are a language. Over 50 translations can be easily found for many words. Most users are not interested in Guarani or Ingrian or Ludian..

It is therefore that I propose an option for a Wiktionary user to select/deselect the languages that are to be seen in the translations and as available words. To enable this, the words and translations have to be recognisable. In the nl:wiktionary we indicate a word with -xx- and a translation with xx (where xx is the ISO 639 code for the language). When this is adopted for all languages we enable the copying of translations from one wiktionary to another and we make wiktionary more easy to use for our "customers".

Thanks, GerardM 21:46, 14 Jun 2004 (UTC)