Wikispore/March 2020

Meeting minutes from the first monthly check-inEdit

Notes from User:KoavfEdit

  • Justin Anthony Knapp (koavf)
  • Richard (Pharos)
  • Edward Saperia (EdSaperia)
  • Andrew (Fuzheado)
  • Gergő Tisza (Tgr)
  • Luca Martinelli {Sannita)
Richard: Welcome, crisis reaction
Tgr: MediaWiki developer
Andrew: Reintroducing a podcast
Edward: Focused on outreach, ran Wikimania, working on Coronavirus response but not necessarily medical
Justin: Interested Wikimedian
Richard: James Hair has wiki, Emily has [Tumblr] newsletter, former Wikimedians converging: how can we move those together?
Edward: If we know one another and index one another, then some duplication provides resilience.
Edward: Our traffic is c. 1M/month, text-based.
Edward: We may end up with the [] closed but the content open. It can be replicaed by the community (e.g. Google Docs).
Edward: We'd like to have live audio on every page. It helps memory.
Edward: The key is to stay ahead: if we don't have that, no one cares.
Tgr: MediaWiki is not the [best?] for collaboration. Scaling the size of the content or number of collaboraters is possibly the best tool.
Edward: We're being throttled by Google Docs. Using Quill.
Richard: Maybe a roundtable on these Wikimedia-esque projects.
Andrew: Emily, James, Ed all online to talk about these projects.
Richard: Interested in local information. E.g. is [x] closed yet? Some of that can be in Wikipedia but not necessarily all.
Richard: Applied for a Columbia University rapid grant. Find out on Monday.
Richard: In the future, we could have Wikicrisis: it's something that everyone contributes to and speeds up information sharing.
Edward: I've had thoughts about this: I'm systematizing as I go. Key thing is getting contact info of relevant orgs.
Edward: Crises are an opportunity to change things. E.g. environmental organizing.
Edward: E.g. permits are not openly published, so I'm interested in aggregating and indexing permits.
Richard: Should we have CC BY 3.0 or 4.0?
Tgr: We could copy from 3.0 to 4.0 but maybe not the other direction.
Edward: How do you deal with multiple regions and enter metadata that are reliable and user-friendly. Emoji flags work.
Edward: My project may be in free text or Wikibase.
Richard: Luca, introduce yourself?
Luca: Tried to support Wikispore but I've been distracted in real life. Interested in hearing you out.
Luca: Intereted in data visualizations about COVID, getting from national health services.
Luca: Reliability of data are mostly incomplete. E.g. we don't have infrastructure to process tests.
Luca: Tabular data should be enough for now. Data had previously been in non-editable PDF files. Data were put on Github to open it.
Luca: I advise against using Wikidata for the time being.
Richard: There's more than just infection rate: e.g. when did this school close, when did this travel ban be instituted?
Richard: Is OAuth applicable?
Tgr: I would use an existing wiki. Those projects are very inclusive. You don't want to rebuild the same architecture.
Edward: It seems like crowdfunding could work here. We'll be iterating a product: a UX for a wiki. We have a growing community with no rules.
Richard: Also grants from Credibility Coalition.
Edward: The en.wp front page is a huge asset.
Richard: Try proposing In the News segments with a story attached.
Edward: We could have a Wikidata query for newsworthiness. We need a real-time feedback system.
Richard: I made a Wikidata-cradle thing for protests. I've been talking to crisis journalists and we have more to offer than we are.
Richard: I have had some interest in hosting Ukrainian content on Wikispore.
Richard: I've been thinking of hosting a hack-a-thon online.
Tgr: Instead of having different language editions of Wikipedia recreate tables, they should all be available.

Notes from group chatEdit

From Luca Martinelli [Sannita] to Everyone:  06:04 PM
I'll rejoin you in a few minutes, phone call
sorry -_-'
From Edward Saperia to Everyone:  06:34 PM
I’m part of a project in the UK called democracy club, which crowdsources electoral candidates from 650 PDFs for every election
total nonsense
From Luca Martinelli [Sannita] to Everyone:  06:38 PM
(funny thing: this map was outdated in TWENTY-FOUR HOURS)
From Edward Saperia to Everyone:  06:53 PM is our community for epidemiology data.
Personally I’m much more interested in public sector and civil society registers
From Andrew to Everyone:  06:53 PM
I’m @fuzheado and I feel fine - with publishing
From Edward Saperia to Everyone:  06:56 PM
totally unrelated, this is cool
a way of ranking unstructured alternatives with a large group of people
I’m really lazy and don’t want to duplicate work :>