Wikirate would be a process by which wikipedians, wikimedians, or the general public would "vote their conscience" on a scale of -5 to +5 so as to rate the overall moral footprint of companies or organizations, products or services, public officials, etc.. It is an extension of the fair trade coffee idea to encompass the overall effects on our world of all aspects of our lives.

This is a proposal for a new WMF sister project.
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I believe it is possible to create an epistemological sound system which could facilitate the production of accurate and useful moral ratings for companies, organizations, governments, public figures, etc., so that people can be empowered to make better choices in purchasing, choosing their lifestyle, choosing their careers, etc..

A self-assessment tool could eventually be created for people to determine their positive or negative effect or moral footprint on the world, according to that individual's personal moral assessment criteria. Wikirate could be a place where groups who agree upon a moral assessment criteria could present facts and analysis to each other and the world in determining moral ratings on matters of concern. In essence, it would be a platform for people to create independent "moral rating agencies", each according to their own epistemological and moral assessment criteria.

Wikirate is the place for such an initiative because ratings produced would be based on facts and analysis presented on Wikipedia and Wikipedia's current events portal, etc., and links to and from those articles to and from Wikirate groups who are in the process of creating ratings could facilitate the process. In this way, Wikirate groups could continuously update their ratings via their updated tabulation of their votes of conscience as new information and analysis are presented.

I believe if thousands, if not millions of Wikirate groups did this, ratings could be compiled into various sorts of averages of ratings, which would be accurate.

Each Wikirate group and each rating on every matter of concern would itself receive a reliability rating, determined by other Wikirate groups' assessments of the validity and soundness of each group's methodology. The average reliability rating of each Wikirate group and each rating would allow people to know to what extent each Wikirate group and each rating is deemed reliable and accurate. Reliable ratings could be averaged together to produce even more accurate overall ratings.

I realize this is a huge project, but, overall, if successful, it could change the world for the better.

I would like to see a day when a shopper in a store can scan the barcode of virtually any product with their mobile phone and via their Wikirate mobile phone app get their user-defined average rating.

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