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When a topic is targeted by a cross-wiki spam campaign, it is not unusual to see new sockpuppets repeat their attempts at promotion after some time has passed. Companies or people involved in cross-wiki spam are interested in their "reputation" and may be tempted to keep trying the same strategy in the hopes that their edits will "stick" some day. Our archives are intended to aid users watch out for returning accounts in the long term by documenting their behavioural patterns.

When creating an archive of a past case, please provide:

  • en liste over involverede konti
  • en liste over involverede artikler
  • en liste over påvirkede wikier
  • links to relevant community discussions like sockpuppet investigations or noticeboard reports
  • other relevant information, like behavioural traits that can help identify sockpuppets
  • date when the case was solved.


Minor cases and internal matters