Wikiplot is an open platform where one can share his art work or an idea which can be a story, novella, poem, lyrics of a song, even paintings - something which is important and an original creation of an individual.

This is a proposal for a new WMF sister project.
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What's differentEdit

The basic idea behind wikiplot is that anybody can share his art work which can then be reviewed and rated by others. That way one can get feedback. If his work is liked then he will get appreciation otherwise it will help in improving his skills. This won't be just about an individual but there can be collaboration and exchanges between many individuals on any new idea, say a story. If somebody is really talented then he may become popular on wikiplot and can reap benefits from this. For example there can be collaboration between him and a more famed artist or organization. So this platform can be jumping board for a talented person.

Some example where wikiplot will be usefulEdit

  • Somebody might be an amateur singer or lyricist. Wikiplot will provide an opportunity where he will have a chance to share his work, where other people can rate it and if it is liked his work will at least be recognized.
  • Assume one has a story for a movie, he can share it on wikiplot which can then be picked up by some director to make a movie or if nothing else at least the writer will get some recognition for his work if it is good. Although the idea might sound little bit far-fetched but many storytellers and scriptwriters have had similar far-fetched stories about their beginning.
  • One can have a completely different scientific theory which can be on anything, say, on ‘creation of this universe’ .He doesn’t know whether this is correct and he doesn’t even have any means to prove it but that person can just share the proposed theory which perhaps later may be used by some other scientist and may actually turn out to be true or at least partially true.

Need of WikiplotEdit

I believe that every person is creative but their talents are not nurtured because he doesn't get a chance to express his ideas. Undoubtedly internet has provided various mediums to express ideas. But all of these mediums are not very well structured and very localized. Wikiplot has the potential to provide a well structured and open platform for expressing ideas which because of its popularity might be read by many. As mentioned it will also provide a platform to give feedback and to collaborate. If a person does get popular he can build his career with the help of wikiplot

Team MembersEdit

Gyanam Bhartam, Nitesh Pandey, Deepmala

Proposed byEdit

Gyanam Bhartam

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