Wikipedia at European schools

There are a couple of proposals to be presented for European grants: One of them is to create a network of school educational authorities and Wikimedia associations on using Wikipedia and sister projects at schools. The other one is a concrete project.

These projects need to be supported by different local associations, but only chapters or associations from countries eligible for European grants can participate in the financing scheme: This is the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey.

Berlin meeting/dinner 2010: Wikipedia at European schools


Coinciding with the Chapters meeting 2010 in Berlin, we will have dinner and talk about it. There is a grant to prepare the proposal so the attendees are invited to the dinner.


  • European project/network to use Wikipedia at schools.
  • Details of the proposal.
  • Financial aspects.
  • Consortia.
  • Time table.

When: We will gather at the Wikimedia Chapters meeting venue, on Saturday 17 April 2010 at 18h.



To start with it we would need 3–6 chapters from those countries (European Union, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Liechtenstein).



Several people told me they will attend but no signed so I have talked to the restaurant but no exact figures given.

We will meet at venue entrance after "New Chapters" and "Outreach Case Studies II" sessions: about 17h 15' to 17h 30' and from there will go altogether to the restaurant.