Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos/Participate

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos

The #WPWP Campaign 2020 is now closed!

I want to add images to articles edit

Why Should I Participate?

Photos are needed to illustrate thousands of articles across Wikipedia in its multiple language versions. Thousands of articles on English Wikipedia have no images at all. Imagine if every Wikipedia user took five minutes to add one image to an article!

Do you have a topical category of images you think are underutilized? edit

Have you already found a category of photos on a topic of interest? The resources below explain how to add an image file to a Wikipedia article:

Don't know how to find articles that lack an image? edit

Are you in search of articles that lack an image? We have provided some useful resources: Click here

Want to do more? edit

Create new articles for any quality images of your choice. Read about finding quality images here.

I want to organize #WPWP edit

Do you want to organize a #WPWP campaign in your geographic, thematic, or language community?

WPWP aims at bridging the content gap by using images collected as part of various annual thematic contests and photowalks organized in recent years. It can be used by communities to recruit new members, as only a few steps are required to add photos to Wikipedia articles. One benefit of organizing WPWP is to guide newcomers through the editing process while focusing on meaningful content.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #WPWP in the Edit summary!

WPWPCampaign on language community edit

Here is a list of language communities where the WPWPCampaign is localized. Please feel free to add a link to a page in your language Wikipedia if you have a local page there

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