Wikipedia Epoch

The Wikipedia Epoch is January 21, 2001 AD


Wikipedia (and its younger siblings and foreign cousins) are making a very large difference in the world. So why shouldn't it deserve its own year system? This way, fellow Wikipedians will have something to add to their cult-like lexicon. Imagine all the more people Wikipedians will be able to confuse! This is why I am proposing the Wikipedia Epoch.

As stated above, the Wikipedia Epoch is January 21, 2001 AD. This would be expressed as January 1, 1 AE. AE, of course, would stand for Anno Encyclopædium, or "Year of Encyclopedia," (I know, I know, pseudo-Latin, but it's the closest resemblence because encyclopedia happens to originate from Greek). The fact that it's initialism is AE could (and should) also be a reference to how dem Britain folk spell the word encyclopedia with an arbitrary letter "a".

Of course, to be even more revolutionous bastards, we would have to change how our calendar system works. Currently, the year starts on January 1. However, due to the increasing demands from the Wikilords, we'd have to delay the new year by about 20 days. Guess what? I just put out the problem fire. The first twenty days of January in our globally used Jesusian calendar would be affixed to the end of December as a new month. What will be it called? Will it be called Wikiary? Jimmyary? Florember? That'll be determined later.

Of course, January 21 - January 31 would be renamed January 1 - January 11. The original month of the Wiki-year would be short. That's ok, though. It'll be like a little midget.

Along with the other stressful things in life, please consider the idea of the Wikipedia Epoch. Thank you

This article was originally written by Messedrocker.