Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece/Planning

This is the planning index of Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece. WCSAG was recognized as a Wikimedia user group in April 2016 and is a legal entity (non-profit association) since April 2017. Although annual planning, as of recognition date, starts in April 12, 2016, planning is organized in calendar years, similarly to reporting.

In legal status (non-profit association) edit

2018 edit

Planning was to engage in Humanities and Social Needs

2017 edit

Planning was to be recognizable within Humanities and Social Needs sector ecosystem

Recognized as Wikimedia affiliate (user group) edit

2016 edit

Planning was to become part of Wikimedia Movement

Founders' systematic activity planning before recognition edit

Planning included only activities, in the early years.

  • During 2012-2013, the first pilot for systematic training to Wikipedia showed the need for at least once a week sessions.
  • The plan for such systematic courses had been worked until Spring 2014 when Municipality of Kaisariani, in Athens, hosted Wikipedia School for adults.
  • After working on Wikipedia School pilot, planning was set for a better infrastructure to support Wikipedia School and the idea was finally funded by WMF.
  • After 2 years of running Wikipedia School courses, the need was obvious for forming a Wikimedia User Group. The decesion was to form a nonprofit association.