Wikipedia Asian Month User group 2018-2019 annual report

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Here is the Wikipedia Asian Month User group 2018-2019 annual report. From 2018 to 2019, Wikipedia Asian Month held the Wikipedia Asian Month 2018 and prepare for Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 (Current event). We also work on reframing our projects and looking for more cooperations. Due to the career planning past WAM organizers have, we change the leader of WAM in May 2019 and the past leaders are now the consultants of Wikipedia Asian Month.

Annual Report

Past events Edit

Outcomes Edit

We had three Affiliated Events:

Also, there were 64 Wikipedia projects involved in WAM2018 and 767 participants join us to create 7,108 articles created as part of the event, 6,625 of which were qualified. We also trained some new local organizers and have promotions in 2 activities.

Photos Edit

Future Plan Edit

We do notice there are some problems we meet again and again every year so we would like to reframe our activity and raise it to the next level. The problems we faced:

  1. No suitable guidance for new participants
  2. The lack of CoC for data privacy
  3. We need a stable tool to count the contributions.
  4. Document management and reorganization for the passage of events are necessary.
  5. A reporting channel for the missing postcards.

This year we will hold the Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 as usual, also work on dealing with the problems we faced, to make sure WAM's quality can be improved.