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"2022 Focus Themes: Shinto shrine, Islam in Asia, Natural in Central Asia, Austronesian languages, Hindi cinema."

Apakah Bulan Asia Wikipedia?

Wikipedia Asian Month (WAM) is an annual Wikipedia contest focused on the promotion of Asian content on various language-specific Wikipedias. Each participating community runs a month-long online edit-a-thon every November on their language's Wikipedia to create new content or improve existing articles about Asian topics apart from their own country.

The first iteration of this competition began in 2015 and each year the number of articles has increased and the participants have diversified and expanded. Wikipedia Asian Month has achieved much over 6 years: over 37,500 high-quality articles have been added in more than 63 language-specific Wikipedias by more than 2,900 Wikipedia editors. After 6 years of experience, the WAM 2022 is comming to its new version, and continue call for Wikipedia contribution on Asian related content.

Maklumat tambahan pertandingan untuk tahun ini bakal tiba!

Seruan Bertindak!


There are millions of subjects you can read about on Wikipedia, but Asian topics are largely underrepresented on the internet as well as on Wikipedia despite being the largest and most populous continent. Without being presented on the internet, Asia's rich culture and history are hard to be learned and known by the rest of the world. Meanwhile, most Asian languages Wikipedia projects and communities are relatively smaller compared to its large population base. There are 9 Wikipedia projects that have more than 5,000 active users, yet only 2 of them are Asian languages. Among 39 Wikimedia Chapters, only 7 of them are from Asia.

Wikipedia Asian Month wishes to narrow these gaps. Supporting is essential for these communities to take more approaches to grow. Wikipedia Asian Month devotes itself to this supporter position for demands of community development. For many Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects / communities, Wikipedia Asian Month is their only online event. By participating in the Asian Month, you are empowering the WAM team and make all these supporters possible and available to these communities.

Unlike some other Wikipedia events, Wikipedia Asian Month isn't paying most of its attention to outreach to new users, or highlight extraordinary active editor. Instead, we give most of our effort to praise the core forces of the Wikipedian communities, who has constantly contributed to Wikipedia for a long period of time by writing serval new articles every year, or by making a couple hundred edits once a while.

>>> Read more about the background and theme here

Bagaimana cara Menyertai dalam Pertandingan?



Sebagai Penyunting

  • Find the language edition of Wikipedia you would like to edit, if they are participating.
  • Choose articles about themes and topics related to Asia, but not from your native country, and start creating articles.
  • Sign up any time through the month of competition.

Sebagai Penganjur

  • When local Wikipedia communities participate in Wikipedia Asian Month, they need someone to be an organiser.
  • Set up an event page and run the contest on a local level within your language community.
  • Organize online and offline events, and keep track of participants' progress though the Program & Dashboard.
  • If you have expertise or skills in public relations, then you can help us get media coverage.

Communities and Organizers

Wikipedia Asian Month's project is a one-month contest, and participation is not limited to Asian communities. At least 54 participating local communities will runs this online Edit-a-thon, and some subcontests are held with our partner:

Cari Wikipedia Utama Anda!
If your local Wikipedia is already participating, ask if you can help judge articles if you are interested:
  1. Arabic Wikipedia (dashboard) Avicenno عرين أسد أبو رمان
  2. Bashkir Wikipedia (Fountain) – ZUFAr
  3. Belarusian Classical Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – W
  4. Bengali Wikipedia (Fountain) – Aishik Rehman
  5. Bikol Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – Filipinayzd
  6. Bulgarian Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – Алиса Селезньова
  7. Bosnian Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – AnToni, Arnel
  8. Catalan Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – F3RaN
  9. Chinese Wikipedia (Fountain) (outreachdashboard)A Chinese user, BlackShadowG, 魔琴, Ghrenghren
  10. Croatian Wikipedia (Fountain) – Fraxinus
  11. Czech Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – Aktron KKDAII
  12. English Wikipedia (Fountain) (dashboard)ZI Jony
  13. Finnish Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – Lentokonefani, PtG
  14. French Wikipedia (Fountain) – Daxipedia, Pierre André
  15. German Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) - Sebastian Wallroth
  16. Greek Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) - (Wikimedia Community User Group Greece - MARKELLOS)
  17. Hebrew Wikipedia (Fountain) – Euro know
  18. Hungarian Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – Xia
  19. Italian Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) Camelia
  20. Japanese Wikipedia (Fountain) – Los viajeros 77
  21. Korean Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) - Jjw, Twotwo2019, Softwave206, 이강철
  22. Latvian Wikipedia (Fountain) – Egilus, Papuass
  23. Malay Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – PeaceSeekers
  24. Malayalam Wikipedia (Fountain) – Meenakshi nandhini, Ranjithsiji
  25. Marathi Wikipedia (Fountain) – Sandesh9822, Tiven2240, संतोष गोरे
  26. Nepali Wikipedia (Fountain) (outreachdashboard)Saroj Uprety
  27. Odia Wikipedia (Fountain) – ssgapu22
  28. Romanian Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – NGC 54
  29. Russian Wikipedia (Fountain) – Ле Лой
  30. Sanskrit Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – Suyash.dwivedi
  31. Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) - Vipz
  32. Sindhi Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) & (Fountain)– JogiAsad, مومن_خان_ڏاهري, مھتاب_احمد_سنڌي
  33. Slovak Wikipedia (Fountain)
  34. Spanish Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – Rodelar
  35. Swedish wikipedia (outreachdashboard, Fountain tool) – Bairuilong, Deryni
  36. Tagalog Wikipedia (outreachdashboard) – Jojit Ballesteros
  37. Tatar Wikipedia (International in outreachdashboard, Local in Fountain: Qualifying-New, Qualifying-Improved, manual assessment criteria, total points calculation table) – frhdkazan
  38. Thai Wikipedia (Fountain) – B20180, Horus
  39. Turkish Wikipedia (Fountain) – Kurmanbek
Find Subcontests !
Subcontests often are Online Edit-a-thon or Online events with Wikipedia Asian Month partners:
  • About: New articles about Asia but also about anything that makes articles about Asia better
  • Time: 7 November to 14 November 2022
  • Contact: Nalle&Lisa
  • Reward: Diplomas
  • About: New articles about Asia/Asian women
  • Time: 1 November to 30 November 2022
  • Contact: Camelia
  • Reward: Postcards/E-Certificates
  • [Your Language] Wikipedia - Event Link
  • About:
  • Time:
  • Contact:
  • Reward:

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