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  1. Sam/User:Jamie Tubers
  2. Isaac/User:Timmylegend
  3. Godstime/User:Godstime Elijah
  4. Bolaji/User:Bilijin
  5. James/User:James Moore200
  6. Martins/User:ReoMartins
  7. Alaafiabami/User:Haylad

The Wikipedia 20 Conference in Ilorin is a 2-day Wikimedia event to celebrate Wikipedia's 20th birthday in Ilorin. The primary aim of the conference is to promote the growth of Wikimedia projects in Nigeria - specifically in Ilorin; enhance the growth and development of Wikimedia communities and to foster good working relationship within community. The first day of the event would be a full day conference, which would feature sessions on capacity building and development, Wikimedia skills acquisition, leadership and knowledge sharing. The second day of the event would start in the evening as a birthday reception, to joyfully celebrate our community and how far we have come since we started.

Registration Details
  • This event is strictly by invitation. If you'd love to and join in the celebration, please register here. We would select participants based on your existing works within the Wikimedia movement, as well as a strong potential to make great use of the skills learnt at the event.
  • If you'd like to present something on the conference day, please submit your presentations here. Entries can be in the form of a lecture/presentation, lightning talk, workshop and a panel/roundtable discussion.

Event Details
  • Day 1 (Conference): Noktel Resort Hotel - 14 & 16 Noktel drive, off catchment road, GRA, Ilorin, Kwara.
  • Day 2 (Birthday Reception): The Sidney - 9 Catchment Close, GRA, Ilorin, Kwara.
  • Time:
9AM - 5PM (Day 1)
5PM - 9PM (Day 2)

Participants' list
  1. Bilijin
  2. Biggiepopa
  3. Timmylegend
  4. ReoMartins
  5. Godstime Elijah
  6. Sunnyjoe035
  7. Fela Ajikobi
  8. Haylad
  9. Teemah 24
  10. Iraadat
  11. SimplyRukky
  12. Mir koks
  13. Major Lyte
  14. James Moore200
  15. Pojo07
  16. Fine acer
  17. Paulboht
  18. Deegeetz
  19. Viktoria Petite
  20. God's Oath
  21. Nimah salihu
  22. Adewuyi Israel
  23. Dammy Kaka
  24. Yemi Sodeeq
  25. Bukky658
  26. Wrote8
  27. OTim75
  28. Toluwalase
  29. Harh-dee
  30. Agbajecity
  31. Ogboinba
  32. Pheritenom
  33. Prithee P
  34. Adeladanismail9
  35. Eluwa Stephanie
  36. Wrote8
  37. Amioluwa123
  38. Paulboth

Please note that we will be adhering strictly to the COVID-19 protocols throughout the duration of the event.