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Skopje DARM

Wikipedian in residence at DARM and The Arhives of Republic of Macedonia (DARM) (contact: Violetova)
Open day at the Archives

Open day at DARM


For the first time, DARM is hosting "Open day" for Wikipedians, with the guided tour at the Archives, at suggestion from WiR. This is happening on 15th January 2016, the Anniversary of Wikipedia. In the same event, at DARM will be hold "Discussion about Wikipedia", "Basic editing", "Edit-a-thon". The event is so far announced on Facebook and on Village Pump on MKWP.

The program

  • 2-3 PM = Guided tour at the Archives: Wikipedians and other guests had chance to see part of the work at DARM, as well some original documents from Macedonian history. At the end of the guided tour, the visitors received permission to take a photos from the terrace of the Archives, where is the most beautiful view to Skopje.
  • 3-5 M = Discussion about Wikipedia, Basic editing and Edit-a-thon: All of them were part of panel discussion about Wikipedia. Wikipedian in residence at DARM spoke about the beginnings of Wikipedia in general, and about the beginnings of Macedonian Wikipedia; about the numbers of articles and needs for new editors. There was a little cocktail party for all Wikipedians and other guests. After the party, little group of Wikipedians attend the edit-a-thon, while the novices were introduced with the basic editing rules.

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