A title format would be like "Opinions (Or Thoughts)/NameOfSubject (e.g. Astronomy)/NameOfExactSubject (e.g. Solar System)/LetterNumberNumberNumberNumber (e.g. A1001) (This is for article codes). An article format would look like the following example. A very simple (and foolish) article would look like this:

This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
The logo for the project, if you already have one
Status of the proposal
Statusunder discussion
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionWikimemo is basically a place where everybody shares their thoughts and opinions; when a page is created it will not be editable to newcomers because of tests on pages. Anybody who has a different opinion can list them on the talk page.
Is it a multilingual wiki?Just on one multilingual wiki.
Potential number of languagesIn one language.
Proposed taglineNo tagline
Technical requirements
New features to requireTo upload a Word document and identifying words in the Word document and putting them onto a new article.
Development wikiIt does not have a technical-development wiki (e.g., in Wikimedia Labs).
Interested participants
List of project participants

Title: Opinions/Astronomy/Solar System/A1001

I do not agree that the earth orbits around the sun; in fact, I think the very opposite...

My reasons are ...

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Josephine W.

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Wikithoughts, Wikiopinions, Wikiidea.

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  • Via email (The address is (Here).
  • Via signing up at my website (Here), joining the Wikimedia Discussion group (Here), and then joining and participating in the Wikimedia Discussion Message group (Here).
  • Via my home wiki talk page, which is the English Wikiquote (Here).

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