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Join us this week, starting Monday, July 27, for Emancipation Week, a week purposed around calling-to-action increased participation from academia, scholarship, and Wiki editors — helping to enrich content relating to the past and ongoing fights for freedom in the British Caribbean & the wider Americas.

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The 1st of August is a day of significance across many Anglophone Caribbean countries. The day, remarked as the day of commencement (coming to force) of the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 & subsequent unconditional emancipation in 1838, is widely observed as Emancipation Day across the majority of the former British Empire. The fraught & complicated history of the struggle for Emancipation, particularly in the British West Indies — largely buoyed by the gravity of several enslaved people’s uprisings across the region - represents an epochal shift for the African Diaspora in the Americas, the genesis of decolonization, and a likely inferential point for successive emancipation efforts, such as that of in the United States.

Wikimedians of the Caribbean, pursuant of its mandate to increase the salience of issues relating to the peoples of the Caribbean & its diaspora, intends to launch a global campaign — beginning on July 27 — to bring to fore the importance of this moment in history for those in the African Diaspora.

What happens in the week?Edit

The week kicks off on Monday, July 27, 2020, with the social media campaign on Twitter & Instagram, to bring our efforts to the wider public.

Day 2: Start Your Search - There are large numbers of Wikipedia articles, in desperate need of contributions and upgrades to A-class articles.

Here's the A-list.

- James Williams
- Sibell and Ashy
- Ashton Warner
- Baptist War
- Joseph Jackson Fuller
- Nanny of the Maroons
- Bussa’s Rebellion
- Bussa (of Bussa's War)
- Demerara War
- Emancipation of the British West Indies

...and this is just the start.

Day 3-5: Reflection - We're taking to social media & posting three posts, highlighting the gravity of enslavement in the Caribbean and the fights for freedom that came soon after.

Day 6: Emancipation Day - On August 1, we're renewing our call-to-action for the calls for action by those freedom fighters who waged tirelessly to see to the total end to enslavement. At 12:30 PM EST/ 1:30 PM EDT (NY/DC Time) join us and partner AfroCROWD for the Wiki BIPOC Wikipedia edit-a-thon on Black and Indigenous People of Color with special guests. Register here or on the meetup page.

Interested? Sign up HereEdit

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