Wikimedians of the Caribbean User Group/Reports/2020-2021

This has been a tremendous year of growth and expansion of partnerships for the still young usergroup. We have worked with partners as far as Norway and Nigeria, and connected both in the Caribbean itself during a difficult year both because of the pandemic nd and limitation that this can bring, to severe weather and disaster events that have long term implications on not only the communities we serve but also in terms of the reach of our mission to help ensure their stories are told and from their perspectives. We helped to celebrate with the wiki community the 20 year year of its founding even as we celebrated our second, and are looking forward to many more ahead.

Wikimedians of the
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The Caribbean
LocationThe Caribbean
Country codeWIS
Approval date26 July 2019
Official language(s)Spanish, English, French, Dutch, French Creoles, English Creoles
Other language(s)Other ethnic languages
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Highlights include our inaugural Wiki Cari Festival online celebration. We began this event because the Pandemic prevented us from meeting in person, and halted parades, carnivals and other annual celebrations in the Caribbean community worldwide from taking place. So as the Wikimedia community does, we assembled ourselves online, inviting friends from the Wiki and Caribbean communities to help us celebrate. What began is a celebration of knowledge, culture and ideas of the Caribbean that we plan to continue.

We also hosted our second Wiki Caribbean Earthday celebration. This time we joined partners to the north in Norway , to talk about how climate change and the warming of the ocean is affecting both water and islands in the Caribbean and as far as the Nordic region. It was a time to connect not only on these ideas, but on how knowledge and knowledge sharing as on Wikipedia and Wiki projects help spread this awareness.

Finally we also connected with the News on Wiki campaign and other Wikimedia projects and wiki Conference North America and the Wiki celebrations happening worldwide for the 20th anniversary and many other inter wiki collaborations to continue our part in helping to benefit the movement and its parts.

It has been a pivotal year and we are still growing and learning. On to more.