Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova User Group/2020

This page contains the activities and events organized or attended by the User Group in 2020. As for everyone else, the pandemic stopped all offline gatherings, so we concentrated on online events.

Contests edit

The list below only contains contest organized for the sake of competition.

  1. Writing contest CEE Spring 2020 (March-May)
  2. Writing contest Turkic Marathon (partnering wiki; June)
  3. Writing contest Danube Day (June 29 - July 6)
  4. Photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments - Romania (September)
  5. Wikipedia Asian Month 2020 (November)
  6. Online writing contest Historic Monuments in Romania (30 November - 14 December)

Online training courses edit

After last year's experiences with one-day trainings, for this year we tried a new format: 2 month trainings over email, with monthly video conferences. They were aimed at librarians and had significantly more success, with some decent articles being published and some users continuing to contribute sporadically after the training ended.

Hardware donations edit

In coordination with the Hardware donation program we were able to gather and send 3 computers to contributors on the Romanian Wikipedia: 1, 2, 3.