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User Primary Interest Other interests Remarks
Harvinder Chandigarh Punjabi and Hindi , Kashmiri , Sindhi Wikipedias and commons English, Shahmukhi Punjabi Wikipedias ,Commons and offline activities through print media -
Anamdas Hindi Wikipedia, Commons Sanskrit, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Maithili, English wikipedia -
Pankajchib2507 Commons - -
Jayprakash Hindi Wikipedia, Wikiversity and Wikibooks English Wikipedia and Outreach -
Anahit1210 Commons Armenian ,Russian,English Wikipedias and Heritage -
Satnam S Virdi Punjabi and Hindi English, Wikibooks, Wikisource and Wikitionary -
Babanwalia Punjabi and English Wikipedias Hindi, Shahmukhi Punjabi Wikipedias, Commons and content localisation -
Raju Jangid Hindi Wikipedia, Commons, Incubator and English Wikipedia Independent News Reporter and Insurance Advisor -
Param munde Punjabi and Hindi Wikipedias Wikiversity, Wikitionary, Wikibooks, Wiki Education Programs, Commons, Translation -
Aman Munde commons Wikiversity, Wikitionary, -
Wassan.anmol Wikipedia Education Program, Outreach MediaWiki, Meta -
Shabdeesh Commons, Punjabi Wikipedia Hindi Wikipedia and outreach -
Sony dandiwal Punjabi and Hindi Wikipedia Wikisource, Wikiquote, Translations, Wikidata and MetaWiki -
Shypoetess Hindi Wikipedia, Translations and Commons MetaWiki and Outreach -
RaoSahil88 Hindi Wikipedia and Commons Outreach -
J ansari Hindi Wikipedia, Wikivoyage and Commons Meta, Outreach -
Prabhjot Singh Bariyar Punjabi Wikipedia - -
Aviram7 Hindi Wikipedia, Meta Wiki and Wikidata Wikimedia Meta Wiki -
511KeV Kashmiri Wikipedia, Meta, Wikidata, Wikitionary Outreach, Development of Projects in Kashmiri language