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Wikipedia Ambassador Program is supportive program for Wikipedia Education Program (WEP). The Wikipedia Ambassadors are volunteers who work with teachers, educators and student in WEP. Ambassadors support educators and students in doing assignments, help on editing and evaluate student contributions and give feedback to them.

Roles of Ambassador


Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassadors are students, staff, faculty, and local residents who provide face-to-face Wikipedia training and support on university campuses.

Regional Ambassador

Regional Ambassadors serve in a leadership capacity in the Wikipedia Ambassador program. They are in charge of Campus Ambassador training, coordinating professor check-in, coordinating Campus Ambassador performance and facilitating communication among different stakeholders (professors, Campus Ambassadors, Online Ambassadors, Wikimedia staff, etc.).

Online Ambassador

Online Ambassadors are, first and foremost, experienced Wikipedia editors who are interested in helping new student editors during their classroom assignments.

Join Wikipedia Ambassador Program


If you are unfamiliar with the Wikipedia Ambassador roles and are interested in applying, please first read about the expectations, commitments, and application criteria before beginning the application process.

Steps to becoming a Campus Ambassador

  1. Complete the Ambassador training
  2. To apply, create a new section on this page for your application using the input box below and answer the questionnaire. Replace USERNAME with your own username.

  3. Once you have this user right, a Campus Ambassador profile

Steps to becoming an Online Ambassador

  1. To apply, create a new section on the Education noticeboard for your application using the input box below and answer the questionnaire. Replace USERNAME with your own username.

  2. If the community of current Online Ambassadors approves you, complete the Ambassador training
  3. Request the online volunteer user right [this page] (or, if you are a Wikipedia administrator, you may grant yourself access)
  4. Once you have this user right, [a Online Ambassador profile]



Ambassador is purely volunteer role and the community does not pay for them. Although, for the identification of the Wikipedia Ambassador, the WEP may provide them the "Wikipedia Ambassador T-shirt" and identity card if necessary.



To become Ambassador, the community sets criteria. For Nepal, students who have gone through any online course or have achieved Wikipedia Driving License will be eligible to apply. The community will select the required ambassadors on the basis of their interest to serve the community, organizing education events, wiki skills and presentation skills.

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