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Programme Summary on One week Wikipedia Education Programme (WEP) at the Islington College by Hempal Shrestha

The one week training programme on Wikipedia Education Programme (WEP) was tailored for BIT-Computing first year students at the Islington College. 30 fresh students of BIT computing from Islington College attended this one week long Wikipedia Education Programme (WEP) from February 02, 2014 to February 06, 2014 at the Islington College.

This programme was lead by the graduates of first Wikipedia Education programme (WEP-I) pilot at the Islington college in association and guidance of Wikipedia Education Programme Team members. The programme was executed by Srijan Karki, Anupan Poudel, Bishal Bhandari, Manish Dangol from the grudates of WEP-I programme. WEP team member Hempal Shrestha worked along with this team in implemting this training programme. Mr.Sanjiv Udas and Mr. Pravab, faculty member of the Islington college ensured smooth operation of the training programme.

The participants joined the Nepali Wikipedia user, created their user-page, and contributed new articles in the Nepali Wikipedia under the full support and handholding of the organizing voluteers team members. The programme ended with a group sharing of their contirbution to the Nepali wikipedia, skills learned and what importance it will have in their day to day learning activities in semester to come. The students have also shared thta one week was not sufficient and hence asked for a full fledged Wikipedia Education programme, as was delivered the their seniors in time to come. Wikipedia Education Programme team looks forward to have more opportunities to colloborate in future.