Wikimedians of Nepal/Wiki Gender Gap Program Nepal/BBC 100 Women Editathon

An edit-a-thon organized by BBC in collaboration with Wikipedia with the aim to creating awareness about gender related issues and value the being of women .

BBC 100 Women Wiki Edit-a-thon
BBC 100 Women Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Logo
BeginsDecember 8, 2016
Location(s)BBC Media Action Office, Sanepa, Lalitpur
Years active2016
CoordinatorNabin K. Sapkota
Previous event Wiki Women Edit-a-thon Nepal 2016
ParticipantsAll BBC Journalists & Wikipedians
Patron(s)Ahmen Khawaja - Producer, BBC 100 Women 2016
Organised byBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

History edit

100 Women is a BBC series established in 2013. The series examines the role of women in the twenty-first century and has included events in London[1] and Mexico.[2] The 2016 theme was "Defiance".[3] Read more: 100 Women (BBC)

Event detail/Venue edit

Date: December 8, 2016
Venue: BBC Media Action Office, Sanepa, Lalitpur
Time: 11 AM to 4 PM NST
Organizer: British Broadcasting Corporation
Local organizer: BBC Media Action, Nepal
Global Supporter: Wikimedia UK
Local Supporter: Wikimedians of Nepal/Maithili Wikimedians User Group/Doteli Wikipedia

Organizers/Roles edit

Nabin K. SapkotaCoordinator/Presenter
Administrator - Nepali Wikipedia, Member - Wikimedians of Nepal

Nirmal Dulal – Mentor/Demonstrator
Bureaucrat - Nepali Wikipedia, Member - Wikimedians of Nepal

Janak Bhatta – Instructor
Editor - Nepali Wikipedia / Doteli Wikipedia

Nirjal Shrestha - Instructor
Administrator - Nepali Wikipedia

Bijay chaurasia - Editor/Photographer
Editor - Maithili Wikipedia/ Wikimedia Commons

Logistics and Support edit

Ahmen Khawaja - Producer, BBC 100 Women
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Jitendra Raut - Senior Producer
BBC Nepali Service

Dipak Bhattarai - Senior Editor
BBC Media Action, Nepal

Objectives edit

  • Aim to creating awareness about gender related issues and value the being of women
  • To increase Wikipedia articles in women related topics/issues
  • To improve existing articles about women and women related issues
  • To familiarize BBC journalists to contribute in Wikipedia and Wikimedia Projects

Contribution Language and topics edit

Language edit

Participants are free to choose the language they want to contribute.

Topics edit

The edit-a-thon is about women, therefore articles related to women and gender shall be created/improved. Participants are free to choose topic they want to contribute. Please feel free to write a new article or improve any existing articles. Be bold, don't get afraid. Even if you deleted important part of an existing article, that can be easily reverted. Community members and admins will do that work for you

  • Write about biographical articles on most influential or inspiring women of the world.
  • Burning issues related to women and their development.
  • Write articles in Wikipedia about the 100 women in past years.

The following links may give you some idea to choose topics.

Participants edit

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BBC 100 Women Editathon Badge edit

Participants can add {{100 Women (BBC)}} badge on their userpage to support BBC 100 Women Editathon.

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Contact us edit

  • Please join our facebook page and twitter page for updates and other news. For any queries regarding the eit-a-thon and technical support please contact at
    wikipedia-ne or

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Questions and suggestions edit

If you have any questions ask them in the discussion page here

Read more edit

The following links will give you some idea to write new article and edit existing ones

Output edit

References edit

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