Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Meeting minutes 20201004

Meeting 4 October 2020Edit




Feedback on the Universal Code of Conduct/Draft reviewEdit

  • We will give a general support of the UCoC's importance as a group and that we are okay with the terms in general.
  • More detailed feedback can be given as individuals.
Ainali will submit a short note on the draft talk page.

Preparation/prioritization eventEdit

  • Yes, we should organize a prioritization event.
Ainali will contact the transition support team and ask for help facilitating.


Affiliations committee onboarding meetingEdit

  • Ainali reported about the meeting this morning that was mandatory. The focus was on not forgetting reporting and to not be afraid to ask questions, both the Affiliations Committee and Wikimedia Foundation are there to help us.

Strategic affiliates meetingEdit

Wiki Loves SDGsEdit

  • Ezarate reported about the Spanish version.
  • For the next year, we should help with communication earlier and help facilitate communication in the Wikimedia platforms (perhaps Mattermost).