Wikimedians for Disaster Response/Talks/State of the Map 2018


Wikimedia in disaster management and humanitarian aid: an overview

Key message edit

Wikimedians are engaged in humanitarian contexts in multiple ways — both online and on the ground —
and interested in coordinating with others active in this space,
especially Humanitarian OpenstreetMap, first responders and entitites engaged in disaster prevention

Background edit

OpenStreetMap at the junction between on-the-ground and digital responses edit

What Wikimedians do edit

What Wikimedians would like to know edit

How are Wikimedia platforms being used in humanitarian contexts (before, during and after disaster events)?
How could Wikimedia platforms be used (better) in humanitarian contexts?
How can the Wikimedia and OSM/ HOT communities collaborate and align their efforts better?
Who is interested in helping improve Wikimedia platforms for use in humanitarian contexts?

You can join edit

Meetup "OSM and Wikimedia" at 17:10 today in room S.1.6
Wikimedians for Disaster Response
mailing list

See also edit

Data sharing in public health emergencies
OSM feature request for a "Thank you" button, as suggested during the Wikimedia meetup at State of the Map 2018
Maps based on Wikidata queries (tomorrow, Lightning Talks 4)

Contact edit

Daniel Mietchen (OSM/ Wikipedia/ Twitter/ work)
Melanie Eckle (OSM/ GIScience Heidelberg/ HOT)

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About edit

An impression of the total lunar eclipse on July 27, similar to how I saw it just after arriving in Milano.

This page provides the basis for a lightning talk at State of the Map 2018 in Milano, given on Saturday, July 28, 2018, in room S.1.5, which starts at 14:10 local time (UTC+2). The talk was meant to be accompanied by a workshop, but that workshop did not make it onto the conference program. Instead, we will have a "OSM and Wikimedia" meetup at 17:10 today in room S.1.6.